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For those who are regularly following my blog, you might have noticed that more than any author that I like and all the books that I reviewed, Richard  Paul Evans is on my top list. Since I discovered one of his books several years ago, I was hooked. I haven’t read all his books yet but the more than a dozen books that I have of him left me wanting for more. His words touch my soul.

Yesterday, he had this update on his wall at Facebook (he is included in my list of online friends): Books can be such powerful things–they can console us, motivate us, they can unite us with the rest of humanity, to help us understand that we are not so alone in our thoughts, our dreams and our deepest hopes. To read something that feels so peaceful and familiar, as if it was plucked from our own mind and soul, is a powerful experience. I am grateful for the books that have affected me throughout my life. I am pleased that here and there my books reach my readers in this way. God bless. He has exactly echoed what I thought of books myself.

Last night, I stayed up late just to look at his photo albums because he promised his readers that he would share some quotes from his books.  My heart swells with joy (seriously) looking at those lovely quotes with eye-catching photographs. Years ago, I just wrote those lovely quotes in  my journal.  And he said they are free to share so I am sharing some of them here.


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