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I am finally done trimming the carabao grass early this morning. Hooray.

A few days ago, Jovy taught me how to download the I Want  app on my tab, tried it today  and I super enjoyed watching two movies, listening to Pilipino Christmas carols on YouTube and I also watched the final games of the UAAP Season 82  which ended a few minutes ago. I only watch basketball during the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) season. Ateneo won for the third straight year with UST coming in second in the basketball championship. It was a lovely game with both sides of players giving their best shots. I think I told you in my other posts that I seldom watch television much less a movie. Occasionally though, I catch some movie adaptations on YouTube. The I Want app is owned by one of the largest networks in the country, ABS CBN. It has news, entertainment, music, variety shows, drama series, sports and movies especially produced by ABS CBN. I had a grand time selecting two movies to watch, one is even dubbed in English which I think was for international release. I finally found it a joy to watch something while in bed 🙂 For a while checking my blog and reading other blog posts and reading  books were relegated to the back seat 🙂 Our local talents/artists are truly gifted.

Maybe I would watch one more tonight before going to sleep.Haha, it’s a marathon.


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He is known as Echo to local showbiz aficionados. He is Jericho Rosales in real life.

Why am I even blogging about this guy when I seldom watch movies? Neither do I get excited watching soap operas on TV. Honestly, I can get by without television and everything in it. The only things I do watch time and again are news reports and special episodes.  There is no regular program that I follow. I’d rather listen to the radio, and yes, you heard it right, AM radio for news everyday than watch TV. Anyway, since KrisTV started, I learned to watch the clock so I won’t miss an episode. It’s a lifestyle talk show anchored by no less than Kris Aquino, Pres. PNoy’s youngest sister. I kind of like the show’s open format ranging from affordable fashion and beauty tips to cooking, family, love relationship, business, parenting and health and fitness. It’s a complete saga of everyday events that gives you an hour of pleasure. I regret though that I was not able to watch  most of the previous episodes.

Today, Kris had Jericho Rosales as her lone guest and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I guess it is the birthday celebration of Echo.  I’ve known the guy since Pangako sa Iyo days, a soap which made him the Jericho Rosales of today. Back then, he was paired with the equally lovable and talented actress Kristine Hermosa.  Who is Jericho Rosales? What makes him different from the showbiz guys that we have now? He is definitely smart, can sing, compose songs and most of all, he is a good actor. I added him as one of those personalities that I follow on Twitter. I was happy to find this site  which I think is his personal webpage.

The guy just turned 32 last September 22 and he said that he has worked  since he was 16 years old, half his lifetime actually.  He is really lucky to have been given the chance to shine through acting.   Go Echo, you’re the best. and I am excited to explore your page.

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It was my first Pinoy Indie Film.

It was one of those nights when you were getting eye strain because of too much reading and staring at the computer screen and the only viable alternative was to look for a nice TV program to while away the time before that much-needed sleep. Then I saw this film on Cinema One, a cable TV channel that shows Tagalog movies twenty-four hours a day.  Since we have recently upgraded our cable via two digiboxes  on our TV units, it is nice to catch up on programs on high-definition.  I was  intrigued when they were showing this Tagalog movie with English subtitle.

Still Life.

This was the first time that I’ve watched an Indie film, a novelty for me because it was a rewarding experience.  It was directed by Katski Flores, and it was his official entry to the Cinemalaya Film Festival 2007.  Come to think of it , I was not even familiar with the characters except for a brief appearance of John Lloyd Cruz at the start of the movie.  The name Ron Capinding and Glaiza de Castro didn’t even ring a bell. Hubby said that Glaiza de Castro is a mainstay of Channel 7.  I told you I seldom watch TV and the few times that I do, I am usually tuned at Lifestyle or Asian Food Channel. Still Life, is the title of the movie.

A Brief Summary.

Still Life is the story of James Masino (played by Ron Capinding)  a  gifted Filipino painter, who suffers from “ Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). Faced with a destiny that he could no longer paint, he goes on a self-imposed exile to paint for the last time – one last masterpiece.  It was an ideal place for creating a work of art but he was not alone after all, along came Emma, a vibrant, mysterious lady who had her own story to tell. It was her courage amidst life’s trials and  bubbly optimism that convinced James that there is a life beyond his canvas.

So that’s how an Indie film is made, a minimum of two characters but still can convey an exceptional storyline that would make you think about life in general with all its angst and broken dreams. I don’t know where they shot this film but the scenery was a joy to behold and so was the music.  There are lots and lots of good dialogue  in the movie.  James has tried several times to take his own life but through their sharing and communication, confiding in each other about their own life stories, Emma brought home the fact that life is not a choice but a gift. I love that line, because it makes us realize that we are only here temporarily and that our given life is truly a gift from God. One finds courage in misfortunes and the defining moment becomes real once you realize that life is not a bed of roses but a series of surprises that sometimes tickle the heart and sometimes make you cry.

I wish I could find a DVD for this movie, because I want to watch it again. That’s how good the movie is. the ending was just unexpected.  Bravo to Filipino films.

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