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Took shot of this early this morning. I was looking at the flowers of my Adenium when I noticed one of our kitties, she is a bonus…haha!

At peace. All is right in her world.


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Meow, Meow

Chanced upon these two lovely kitties under our dining table. There used to be three of them but the other one just disappeared. Their mom likes to sleep on our dining table chairs most of the time.

They can open our screen door at the dirty kitchen but they are disciplined enough to go out of the dining room  when you  say “labas na”.


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Best Friends

He followed me one morning at the garden

Looked at me with those soulful eyes

while I took the first sip of my morning fix.

“Coffee”, I said.

Our eyes met then came the tentative touch,

One paw timidly placed on my lap.

Another one shyly touched my arm.

Before I knew, his nose came close to my face.

Best friends.

Love is unconditional.


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Do you remember my blog post  a month ago about  our dog Noki and a newly adopted kitten we now call Mimi? I’ve long wanted to take her photo but every time I make an attempt, she moves and try to grab my tab.  Well, here she is finally 🙂  I caught her napping near our dining area a while ago. She  has grown chubby. Do you   think she needs to diet?  She always meow for food even if she’s done eating and Noki would allow her to take his bowl and eat again.  They are friends now. One of these days, I would take a photo of them together.

Our adopted kitty Mimi!

Our adopted kitty Mimi!

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Noki And Mimi

Good morning!

Woke up at an ungodly hour of 3:30am but  then I’ve been asleep since 6:30pm last night. Too much work and so tired.

Yesterday, when I woke up to finish trimming the carabao grass, I saw this kitten perched on the ledge of our perimeter wall at the back of the house serenely asleep. I let is stay there but when I finished gardening, it went down near my potted plants.  I was afraid our lone dog left would make a mincemeat out of it. Noki, a half Lab, half Spitz is the only  one that survived among our three dogs two months ago. They’re not used to seeing other animals in the backyard.  I’ve long wanted  to adopt a cat when we lost our two dogs but we haven’t got around to finding one. It is quite expensive to buy a pure breed.

It took us more than thirty minutes for the two to get acquainted.  We called her Mimi (it’s a she) and she seemed to be a house-trained kitty. She’s clean and she is not afraid of Noki.  Maybe she was lost and didn’t know how to get home.   Noki has grown a little chubby since we lost the other two and he can no longer afford to enter our grills at the kitchen and at the garage since he can no longer wiggle his body like he used to.  He was so stressed reaching out, trying to grab Mimi, barking and all. The latter extended her paws and scratched his nose. Finally, he just stayed contented in a corner letting Mimi walk around our dirty kitchen finding a place to rest and sleep.  They are not really friends yet  but I am glad that Noki  no longer attempts to grab her  neck when she is near.

Years ago, we used to have five cats and two dogs and they slept side by side. I wish these two would become friends as well.


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You might find this hilarious just as my son did when I recounted what happened two nights ago. We have three dogs, a Japanese Spitz, a half-bred Rottweiler and the  half-bred Labrador-Japanese Spitz given to us by a friend a month ago. The latter has grown big in the month that he has been with us. He prefers to eat rice instead of the puppy food that we bought for him. I think he is jealous of the other two that he always see that they eat a different thing every meal.  He always is the first to finish eating and always try to steal the remaining food the first two have on their plates.

Two nights ago, I kept watch of him while the two dogs were still eating but before I knew it, our other dog was on top of the Japanese Spitz and they were at each other’s throat.  I could not separate them. I remember my brother who used to say that  one way of breaking up a dog fight is to pour water over them. Well, I had a pail of water on the ready to no avail.  It seemed like they were even more determined to do a round ten before they stop.  I was so exhausted I felt I’ve run a mile longer seeing them that way for about five minutes.  Our puppy got scared seeing the fight between the older two that he cried and howled for a very long time trying to just stay in a corner of our dirty kitchen. Normally, they are docile and well-behaved dogs.

It was a boxing match alright, reaching the end of the rounds with no rules and  nobody winning the game.  Poor me, an ineffective referee.

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He is a mixed breed Japanese Spitz and Labrador Retriever, a gift from my son’s girlfriend.  Yes, it is a “he”  while our Japanese Spitz is a “she”. Although they resemble in color, their legs are vastly different. Kuchi has short legs and fan-like tail while our Noki has chubby and long legs. He is three months old. Now, I wonder how  he’ll look like when he grows a little older because now he is more of a Labrador than a Japanese Spitz. He goes in and out of our screen door as though he owns the place.


NokiI laughed at loud when he saw our full-length bedroom mirror and kissed his image while maybe trying to figure out why there is another dog looking at him. This morning while my son was still asleep, he visited his room and put his two front legs at the side of the bed gently scratching him and trying to  wake him up.

He definitely enjoys running around the garden and playing with our two dogs. I tried taking him out on a leash this morning and he was so curious about his surroundings.  He has a big growl like a Labrador but is so cuddly like  a Japanese Spitz.


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Finally, we’re done trimming  the carabao grass. It’s son’s day off so we spent the late afternoon finishing the patch of grass that we left yesterday. It’s summer here now and 4pm is still a bit too hot for gardening.   Took time out to take a few shots of our lovable and cuddly dog Kuchi. She’s been with us for more than two years now and she has definitely grown. She has learned to open our screen door at the back . She has grown a little longer with those short legs and fan-like tail to boot. She is so “makulit”, always inching her way to get inside and sleep under our dining table. Lately, this is her favorite spot, a small area in our garden.

Her name is Kuchi!

Her name is Kuchi!

I am saving on space so I compressed the photos. A friend is giving us a new  male puppy, a mixed breed of Japanese Spitz  like this one.  Dogs have been constant companions for us since we moved here nineteen years ago.  I call our backyard garden “pet sematary”, it is where our previous dogs are buried.  Remember Stephen King’s book of the same title?

We did our marketing this morning by going back to Pasig market, an hour trip from our place when there is traffic. As usual, I enjoyed the haggling, I am happy with even just a peso discount on fruits and vegetables.  It’s been some sort of ritual for Josef and me to eat breakfast at the nearby Jollibee outlet before going to the market. He would always order hotdog with egg  and local sausage (longganisa) for me either with two hot cups of coffee or hot chocolate drink.  We would go back there to explore the garden center we saw this morning. I would love to buy a pot  each of citronella, rosemary or marigolds. Citronella is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating mosquito repellents.

We’re having fun at making simple kitchen recipes again. This morning, Josef prepared lumpiang shanghai made of different veggies which we bought earlier. Then we recycled the left-over spaghetti sauce my making pizza  using sliced bread.


IMG_5696Our Tootsie roll sandwich is made of flattened sliced bread, with ham and cheese inside and rolled in bread crumbs before frying.  It is best served hot.

One can always experiment on  these simple and easy to prepare snacks without making a dent on one’s pockets.

Or you can boil fresh corn or sweet potatoes and they will give you enough fiber and they are healthy.

So much for this, have to catch up on reading Archetype.


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You met her before I know, when she was still  fascinated with our garden, a shy dog that looks at you with adoring eyes,  with  a tail that sweeps the ground when she walks. Last New Year’s Eve, she had the perfect excuse to linger inside the house and explore. She knows she is never allowed to stay long inside.  Our three dogs has a play area near our dirty kitchen and they stay there most of the time unless I spend an hour or two in the garden  where they romp freely to their hearts’ desires.

I took pictures of course, between preparing something for our media noche   and waiting for the strike of 2013.


Actually it’s my son Josef who’s her boss :). You would always know that he’s home when Kuchi won’t stop barking and squeezes her body through the screen door to get inside the house. As she has very short legs, she finds it hard to climb the ledge  of our garage.  Hey look, she was not even aware she was being  photographed.

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It’s  been only two days without blogging but it felt like a week. I don’t know, I was not just inspired  but  thank you just the same to those who regularly visit my blog. Getting an average view of 250 to 300 a day is not bad and registering finally a total of 150,186  stats for this blog alone is simply amazing.  May I invite you to visit my  two  other blogs here? One is my attempt to keep a garden and the third one records my love for photography.  I feel that a photo blog should be just that, photos with some reflections in between. What I mean is those photos are lovelier than the ones I regularly post here.

I’ve been busy gardening the past two days with our new pet hanging around like she owns my small garden. She’s actually behaved but she can’t resist inching her body between my newly trimmed Fukien tea and my flowering dwarf Pandakaki. Our two other dogs get jealous  once in a while , showing off and sliding their bodies backward just to get my attention. I am having some friends over next week for lunch. It’s an early celebration for my birthday.  It would be nice to catch up again on each other, seeing each others’  faces that is, instead of  just staying in front of the computer and uttering endless hehehe or hahaha or simply putting smiley characters on each comment we make.  A luxury of time really to spend  a day  with one another despite their busy schedules.

A friend told me once that celebrating a birthday is actually counting the start of another year in your life  so instead of greeting me happy birthday, he says, happy new year. It makes sense because you look forward to another lovely and blessed year.  One gets a little sentimental, one gets a little teary-eyed remembering the early years but then, that’s what birthdays are for – reminiscing and giving thanks to God. Thank you Lord for the happy years and although the start of 2012  was full of pain and heartbreak, still I’ll remember this with fondness. Soon, I’ll be a certified Nonna to my first grandchild  and I am sharing the joys of having a priest son in a few days.  Graces come with endless blessings.

It gets a little boring sometime so early this evening after supper, I baked peanut butter cookies using only three ingredients which I found on the net. Using a cup of peanut butter, a half cup of sugar and one egg, you could mold at least nine chewy peanut butter cookies. You don’t need to measure everything here, using a spoon will do and you can bake it for about eight to ten minutes. This yielded about nine cookies three of which  I ate with a  cup of  hot green tea.

And didn’t I say that when you’re bored, baking cookies does the trick?

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