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You might think this topic is a serious  stuff. Perish the thought because I am only considering if I have to use another theme for my blog.  There are more than a hundred to choose from but I am  in a quandary whether to maintain my ever reliable Misty Look by Sadish or switch to a more daring theme called Parament. I love the clear lines of Misty Look, no clatter and no dark edges on the side. It’s a fluid two-column white theme with a large custom header.

Parament is a great all-purpose theme featuring a dark color scheme with bright orange highlights and a textured background.  That’s how WordPress describes it. I am really a coward when it comes to trying new look for my blog. You know, something that says, stick to things familiar and you would never go wrong. But what I like about Parament is its bright orange highlight. Didn’t I tell you that orange lifts me up? It makes me long for the sunrise and enjoy the beauty of a  sunset. Oh well, it’s hard to choose really. When I am brave enough to try another theme, be sure you’ll see a new Dreams and Escapes, not the contents of course but the look of it.

I was surprised to see that my blog on Jericho Rosales got a lot of views today. And I took a peek at his website, so far, I love what I saw. Maybe when I am not so busy, I will really explore  his site and probably see the real Jericho Rosales.  Join me, I just posted the link to my blogroll. You might just enjoy seeing the guy behind those lovely eyes and mesmerizing smiles.

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