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Watched the live streaming of the Palm  Sunday mass at Antipolo Cathedral.  Blessing of the palms was done at the start of the mass. You just have to place the palms in front of your monitor while the opening prayer and blessing is said.

Used these Palm fronds from our garden for Palm Sunday blessing.

I had a long early morning video chat with my brother who lives in Tulsa, while waiting for the mass to start.  We try to talk  to each other every day. He showed me his 3D printer which he assembled two years ago along with several rolls of 3D printer plastic filament.  You just have to be well versed with those programs to do it which reminds me that back in the nineties when he hasn’t migrated to the United States yet, he assembled our first computer at home buying the materials piece by piece.  Back to this 3d printer, he also showed me several of the projects he did before this COVID-19 – small planters’ boxes, toys, cellphone holders, pen holders, decor etc. Now he is concentrating on doing some face covers using acetate, face masks  made of plastic with disposable filters, head covers,  and other things which could be used to protect yourself from this COVID-19.  “You’re so gifted”, I told him. He smiled and asked me if he could see Mom so I showed her my tab, she just smiled and said “guwapo“. I wonder if she still recognizes him that well.  They haven’t talked to each other for a long time now because mom doesn’t know how to use the cellphone and when we are on the computer, and my brother types notes, she could not  read them.

I really hope our Dept. of  Health will start mass testing the soonest. We are at war with this virus and  everyone should be vigilant. Take care of yourselves friends.

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