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Wow, listening to the Philippine National Anthem makes me feel so proud to be a Filipino.

I went early to the municipal hall this morning and chanced upon their Monday  flag raising ceremony. Complete with a band and most employees of the municipio,  it was really a lovely site to see.

Paying taxes, one of our duties and responsibilities as Filipino citizens. I pay our realty tax every January of each year. I was just surprised the tax on lots increased by  almost 10%. I was told that they increase every three years.  Considering the many, many projects and improvements that our good town mayor is initiating, I guess it is okay. Our town has been the overall number one in all towns in the Philippines for three consecutive years now. In terms of improvements and the way it is run, I could not really complain. We are lucky to have elected a very responsible  and industrious town mayor.

Kudos  Mayor Kit!



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