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Another cut in the budget. Two leaking faucets replaced, two more with additional Teflon. At least now, we won’t have to worry about the “drip, drip, drip” sound at night. Fee for specialized job like this is more expensive than an ordinary carpenter’s job. Good thing we have a neighbor who is a plumber but does not usually tell his  PF so we have to add more than the usual charge a plumber does. We are grateful though that the job is done right.

I hurt my aching right knee running after Oreo when Josef left to meet the village’s garbage truck and dispose of our garbage. I was afraid he’ll go out of the open front gate and might be run over by passing cars.  He was quite behaved when he reached the garage playing with Noki. My right knee does not feel normal yet. It still aches once in a while but all of a sudden, I could feel the pain.  Gosh, what a disaster.

This morning, we started trimming the carabao grass which has grown faster the past days of having afternoon and evening rains. We are more than half-way finally. You can’t just trim them with an electric grass cutter, what with the concrete stepping stones all the way. There is really no other option but to do manual trimming.

Pres. Duterte’s almost two week’s absence  is fuelling speculation. You can’t just absent yourself from such an important position that long without so much as  a by your leave, right? If he is sick, the people of the Philippines has a right to know.


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