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I just smiled and laughed.

Josef and Jovy left Oreo inside the house with me early this morning but he knew they were planning to visit Jovy’s grandmother.¬† I could not hold him since he was so restless, he kept on spinning in my arms. I said goodbye when we were outside and he kissed my cheeks. Haha ūüôā

When they were pretending to say goodbye to him, he just ignored them looking out at the open gate. He knew of course that they would not leave  him behind. He is so used to going with them on short trips that sometimes, he is even the first one to ride in the car. They were at the mall early last night and he had his usual walk/exercise.  When they came home, he went to the comfort room and drank lots of water from his plastic cup. Thirsty, haha!

He is usually quiet when it is just us at home.


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Hello From Oreo

He can’t contain his mirth

He romps, he jumps

he spins and barks his way

to the door.

He seems to say,

“Pick me up please, they’re here”.

(That was while the car was slowly entering the garage).¬† He was excited. If he could speak instead of bark, he’ll say, “I’m happy”.



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I’ve missed this kind of music. Oh yeah.

Listening to the early albums of¬† The Beatles on YouTube while I am having my tab charged for further reading. I placed the headset on Oreo’s ears a while ago and now he is watching me tapping my fingers near where he is. When you talk to him, his head goes this way and that and seems like he understands.¬† Maybe he does, who knows. His eyes look alert.

Having a puppy for company all day long, it¬† makes you a little inventive…haha! When he is not sleeping, he watches me and sometimes reaches out his two front paws and touches my hand while I am holding the mouse.¬† He is about four months old¬† now and in human years, (with his pedigree)¬† that is equivalent to a five-year old.¬† I have to do research on this because I am curious about his age.¬† He has lost three of his milk teeth.

Going back to The Beatles, I am playing their Greatest Hits Collection, more than an hour of¬†¬†listening to their well-loved songs. I am reminded of my younger years when what you can hear on the radio are different groups and artists who belonged to the¬† first British Invasion, a cultural phenomenon of the mid-60’s. Who would not be reminded of the Dave Clark Five, the Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, the Hollies, Chad and Jeremy? I love them all.

There was a time when my kids were small, we used to watch old films of The Beatles on a new music channel on television. Maybe, that’s why until now, Josef downloads some on his Bose SoundLink Mini and he let’s me listen to it.






























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Last Saturday, we had a lovely time celebrating life, Mom’s birthday.¬† Nissa took shots of our puppy Oreo He is boisterous and playful and he loves¬† kids too.

At first Nate was so careful in holding him. He hasn’t been vaccinated with anti-rabies yet because he is still too young.

Then he said: “I’d¬† like to bring him home, can I bring him home Nonna?”

A cuddly pet. His favorite place to sleep in is not in his bed but at the foot of Josef’s bed with his head between the latter’s feet.¬† He loves staying near the electric fan.


He would cry when he can’t open the screen door and he wanted to go out but we don’t let him in the garden yet. He is just two months old.

He is a Thomasian too. Josef saw this shirt at the pet shop with the initials UST (University of Santo Tomas) and it was the smallest size that fits¬† Oreo. Yes,¬† he is that small, a mere 1.8 kilos a week ago.¬† Nissa, Josef and I are all graduates of UST so we were all thrilled when we saw this t-shirt. Haha, black and yellow. I said, “bagay”




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Took care of our latest family member throughout the day.  He played with his  little pillow, balls and sat on my lap while I was checking my accounts online and while reading.  I laughed when he saw his image in front of our full-length mirror and he kept on barking. He must have thought there was another puppy looking at him.

Strange, I seemed to have picked up two books in a row all about India.¬† The Girl From The Tea Garden¬† was about the life of an Anglo-Indian girl who grew up in 1930’s.

The story revolved  on how she struggled with life  away from home without her family coming back  at the height of WW II to find her true love.   Learning about how tea is prepared, how  Indian summer feels like.

Janet MacLeod Trotter is quite new in my list of authors.  She has several books about India and this one is  part of a series.

Camron Wright is the author of The Orphan Caretaker.   I am almost done with this book.

Learning  more about Indian culture and traditions. The only thing familiar to me are the chicken masala  and samosa. Years ago, I received a big jar of Masala from a friend whose family stayed in Rome for decades.

Couldn’t put down the book, it is based on a true story. An Indian boy abducted from his home and adopted by an American family. He learned¬† the American way of life but still kept wondering about his Indian roots. It is also my first time to read a book by Camron Wright, an American¬† author whose genre is Historical Fiction and yes, Literature and Fiction too.¬† You can’t help but be touched by the story.

‚ÄúWe don‚Äôt use knives and forks,‚ÄĚ Pranay replied, leaning forward, ‚Äúbecause we are not at war with our food. We don‚Äôt need weapons. We have learned it is better to surrender to the flavors, to caress and embrace them. You see, eating for Indians is a passionate affair. Picking up the food with our fingers evokes a closeness, a feeling of warmth, a connection. It would all be lost if we started stabbing and cutting.‚ÄĚ

Is this still done until now?¬† Wikipedia says that:¬† “The¬† etiquette of Indian dining¬†varies with the region in India.¬† Typically, both in urban and rural settings, Indians wash their hands thoroughly prior to dining, then eat with their fingers, without any cutlery. This practice is historic and based¬† on the cultural premise that eating is a sensual activity, and touch is part of the experience along with the taste, aroma of the food, and its presentation such as on a¬†Thali, or on a large plate made from washed banana leaf, or stitched and washed leaves.”

Some people do¬† it in informal¬† occasions here. they call it boodle fight where the food is piled on top of¬† banana leaves with rice at the center. The food is laid on long tables.¬†A military style of eating,¬†¬†a symbol of brotherhood and equality among¬†Filipino¬†military by sharing the same food without regard to rank.¬† They also call it “kamayan” style of eating.


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