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Here’s an update on our two fur babies, Oreo and Cookie. They had their furs trimmed last week. It is a regular thing now. Yesterday, Cookie has her pneumonia vaccine. Just like humans, they have their regular check -up with the vet. Our other four dogs stay outside. The three of them are adopted from the dog pound. We haven’t learned to pet Lassie yet. She is too elusive. She now mingles with the other dogs but when I try to pet her, she turns around. Maybe before we got her, she was a victim of torture. Even animals feel the hardship of trusting humans if they experienced something bad.

Here are photos of Oreo and Cookie.

This is how Oreo looks now. He is half the size of Cookie.
Our playful dog Cookie. I love her trim.


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The picture speaks for itself. – Oreo and Cookie!

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