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Some friends were asking how I’m able to come up with a blog everyday. Am I really that inspired to write about anything? Am I not tired of being in front of the computer screen trying to fill in the empty space?  Well, it’s just like asking, “do you pray everyday” or “do you eat dinner everyday”?  Yes to the last two questions. I would be a hypocrite if I say that I am always inspired because sometimes I couldn’t think of any subject to write about. Blogging everyday can be a bit stressful.  There is always the pressure of  thinking of   a good content which sometimes restricts you in being spontaneous in your writing.  I believe that when you read a lot, be it the daily news or your favorite book, it somehow gives you the idea on what to write about.  Reading other blogs sometimes  helps. Write about the book you have just read, or a quote that touched you, or a conversation with a friend that made your day.  I always find inspiration by staying in our garden for an hour or two everyday.  There was a time when I wondered why ants kiss when they meet and wrote about it. Surprisingly, it is one of my most read blogs.

I just spent the day arranging and uploading pictures in  one of my online sites. Having the Zoom browser of my Canon digital camera does help a lot. I could always edit, crop and put texts in all the shots I’ve done.  It is always nice to maintain your photos in high res. They accord you the joys of seeing them clear and  not grainy.  I’m getting good at macro shots, if I may say.  I am documenting every summer bloom in our mini garden. It always makes me smile to see the pictures I took a few years ago and compare them with what I have now. It’s a nice surprise to see some annuals showing their faces again.


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