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I am reposting some parts of my blog  here for my grandson Nate when he was barely  a month old. I took some shots of him after a three-week hospital stay.

Just as we communicate through handshakes and handholding, babies need loving touches. I can’t resist taking this shot while Nate was holding my hand yesterday. The tender grip of an innocent child – the loving contact of hands that simply say, I love you baby. They say that touch is our first language and babies need to be touched lovingly because they are comforted by it. Just as we long for those hugs and kisses from our loved ones, they also feel secure when you are holding them in your arms.


I took this shot along with several ones the last time we visited Nate and when I saw it on my camera, I was simply thrilled. It set me thinking, these are Nate’s chubby fingers which one day would reach out and hold our hands too. Then that would be a beginning of another journey for us, speaking a language that  only an innocent child could do.  Though I am nearing  that age which others call “senior years” I still look forward to the time that Nate would enjoy a walk with me  and point out the beauty of the world through  his eyes.  When I turn sixty, I’ll be counting the days when he turns four, that would be a perfect age to show him around and probably teach him photography too. By then, we probably have covered a lot of fairy tale stories and accumulated a lot of children’s books in our hands to tide him over through his young life. Nissa has already started to read to him and he loves those times that he can listen to  her voice, all attentive and smiling.


Happy Grandparents’ Day! Aren’t you glad to be one?

grandparents day

(Note: the third picture is not mine, it was just culled from the net.)

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