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Pilit man nilang yurakan, pilit man nilang itsipwera sa kasaysayan, hindi na maaalis sa isip ng isang “freedom-loving Filipino” ang kontribusyon ni Ninoy sa ating buhay.  (I’ve always wanted to write in Tagalog but I am not well-versed with it when it comes to writing, I hope this suffices).

Ninoy, you did not die in vain. Below is a picture of Ninoy’s funeral.


Since  this morning I watched early clips of Ninoy’s videos, mostly his speeches when he was alive, how he dreamed of a better Philippines for all of us. Watching his rapid-fire delivery and eloquence, my heart bleeds for us now.Those who are in the present administration didn’t value what Ninoy sacrificed for and what he did for the country.

“For seven years, I was not allowed to see the moon and the stars. There were days when they left me all alone by myself. I had no reading material. I had nothing. I was twiddling my thumb. I would walk and walk and walk across my room; it was a room about four meters by five meters, hoping that I’ll get tired. And then when I get tired, I would fall asleep, knowing that tomorrow will be the same”.


Ninoy Aquino


I cried when I heard the song Bayan Kong Pilipinas after the  Holy Mass held at Manila Memorial Park which was attended by the family of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, their friends and relatives and all those who’ve been by their side all these years.  Yes, yellow is the color of the day. Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness. I watched Ex-Pres. PNoy deliver his short but meaningful speech in front of the tombs of his parents.

“My friends do not forget that your readiness to suffer will light the torch of freedom which can never be put out. Do not forget that we who are now in the middle of our years must inspire the youth when they are almost in the brink of despair. Do not forget that the purpose of life is precisely reexamining our being, not merely a floating flotsam in the time, in the floods of time. Do not forget, as Longfellow said that we should never be like driven cattle, but be a hero in the strife”.


The youth of today  never witnessed what happened in the past but most of them are now quite aware of it.  Although some of them act indifferently, a lot of them are now actively involved.  Nissa was just ten months old when Ninoy died.

And this quote is my favorite:

“I have weighed all the virtues and faults of the Filipinos and I have come to the conclusion that the Filipino is worth dying for”.


I am just a small voice but my fervent wish is for the Philippines’ freedom from corruption, weak leaders and dictators.






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