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I woke up around 3am to go to the comfort room then I went to bed thinking 4:30 am is more than an hour away. I always wake up early when Josef reports for work three times a week. He always leaves the house at 5 am.

I overslept. Woke up finally at almost 7am. I am supposed to do my morning walk every day except Saturdays and Sundays. These two days are for early morning masses that I watch online. I still could not hear well even through my tab if the sites’ audios are not so good. I don’t like walking at the park a little late since there are regular joggers. I love the silence and peace around on an early morning. Josef left me a message just to lock the front door.

They have our internet service provider changed to Converge, presently we are using Globe. Jovy said that Converge is faster, I wonder. For two years that they both worked from home during the pandemic, our internet subscription was shouldered by JP Morgan Chase bank. I wonder if the bank still pays for it since both of them work from home twice a week. I am still using Globe now. It wasn’t cut yet.

Good old Wednesday, I guess it is another time to garden later this afternoon.


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