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My son-in-law Obet called up a while ago inviting us to their fiesta in Tondo tomorrow. How I wish! I told him about the result of my CT Scan as told by my ENT to Josef early this afternoon. Sunday and next Wednesday are my only free days next week. I am going back to my ENT on Thursday.

My social life is practically nil but if you count the presence of my doctors and the nurses in attendance….haha….then it’s active. Pathetic me.

I didn’t understand what the doctor explained to Josef, all I saw were the downloaded figures of my CT Scan. Aside of course from having a low immunity, that elevated blood sugar a few months back contributed to my ear problem. She wanted to know the result of my FBS but it will be available on Tuesday.

I wish I won’t have to undergo that surgery. Praying on it🙏🙏🙏🙏


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