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It’s 6am October 29, 2022 Manila time

It seems like a few winks ago but now October is rapidly melting and saying goodbye. How time⌚ flies.

I was so excited at the beginning of this month because it is my birth month but it came and went like lightning – quiet and rainy still. Our 16th weather disturbance Paeng is affecting almost all of the entire country. Metro Manila is under signal #2. It’s windy this morning and it rained last night. The garden is truly wet. There is a drizzle this morning accompanied by occasional winds and it’s cold. You would think that the rainy season has stopped because Amihan was already declared a few days ago but always, it is at the last quarter of the year when we have strong typhoons. Hopefully, it won’t be a rainy Christmas season.

Read all the comments and messages on my birthday yesterday. I was touched seeing those inspiring ones. How lovely!

The miracle is you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone driven by faith and love of Christ on this day and every day – from Fr. Jessie, OP. I share a birthday with him. Scorpio both.

Happy, happy birthday po Tita! Regardless of whatever life has in store may you always remember that you are embraced by a God who loves you more. Ingat po and God bless. – Bro. Russel is a seminarian from the Society of Saint Paul.

True friends stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time. – this is from sis Odette, a friend for more than ten years now. She included some of our pictures.

Happiest birthday Mama. I wish you good health and happiness always. I love you. – from Nissa, she sent it via a video with my picture and attached a poem about motherhood.

Happiest birthday miss A. Rest assured of my prayers. – a message from Fr. Louie, OP. He is my mentor at our Catholic page on FB.

These are just a few of more than 200 greetings I got from FB and my heart ♥ is happy. Aside from my individual acknowledgements and thanks for their birthday greetings, I posted this on my wall.


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Since it was only the four of us, I didn’t bother to cook. Josef works from home every Thursday and Friday. Jovy leaves the house around 2pm.

I ordered cooked veggies from our neighbour, Nissa sent a box of chicken inasal, Josef bought an ube cake🎂 which is a favorite, Jovy gave me a box of Twinings Camomile tea. There was a vendor who passed by this morning selling slippers so I bought a pair for me. That was how simple the celebration was. Josef took some photos on my tab.

I think Red Ribbon forgot to include a candle.
I love this cake flavour but I could only eat a small slice because I’m watching my blood sugar.
Chicken Inasal sent by Nissa for our lunch.
I need this, I drink Camomile tea every day. It lowers glycemic index.
A lovely pair of slippers as gift to myself…..haha!

Truly blessed at 66.

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