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I just smiled and laughed.

Josef and Jovy left Oreo inside the house with me early this morning but he knew they were planning to visit Jovy’s grandmother.  I could not hold him since he was so restless, he kept on spinning in my arms. I said goodbye when we were outside and he kissed my cheeks. Haha 🙂

When they were pretending to say goodbye to him, he just ignored them looking out at the open gate. He knew of course that they would not leave  him behind. He is so used to going with them on short trips that sometimes, he is even the first one to ride in the car. They were at the mall early last night and he had his usual walk/exercise.  When they came home, he went to the comfort room and drank lots of water from his plastic cup. Thirsty, haha!

He is usually quiet when it is just us at home.



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I was at the mall yesterday to buy some toiletries  and a Christmas gift for Oreo.  The latter is the last on my list. His favorite toy is a  stuffed head of a bear mounted on a stick. As you might have  guessed, the stick is gone now and what is left is the tattered head of the bear. I always wash it  but after two or three days, it gets dirty again. When you see it in his mouth and he comes near you, it’s time to play. Toss it somewhere and he’ll be quick to jump, run and bite one ear of the bear head and bring it back. Toss it again and the same thing happens until he is probably weary of it and will just sit besides you while you are watching the news on television.

When we are eating lunch or dinner, one seat is allotted to him. He will press his head at the side of the dining table with one paw folded and the other hanging out.  He won’t touch anything, it’s enough for him to watch us eat.  Try to put a cup of coffee for him to smell and he would turn his nose out.  He doesn’t like the smell of coffee…haha 🙂

Oreo with Nissa at the garden.

He has become playful though. I transferred some variegated white and green grass plants on a small pot for our side table. Gosh, he likes to chew those fresh leaves.  That is why I haven’t put up our tall Christmas tree, he might play with the trimmings that his mouth can reach.

Going back to the gift. I bought him a soft toy to play with and I have to wrap it first so he could open it on Christmas day. This is the first Christmas  that he will spend with us since we bought him a month after he was born.  Jovy is also planning that we will celebrate his first birthday come February.

He is currently asleep near me while I am writing this blog probably dreaming  of something more  to  chew come Christmas day.

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