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I don’t know why I am even blogging about WordPress themes and such.  Many times in the past (think, a few minutes ago) I was tempted to change the look of this blog  but somehow, after so many  searches, I always end up with this clean, uncluttered and simple style of Misty Look. I remember having this even  when I started blogging at Friendster before.  I would have loved something nice like my Gardens and Escapes blog or my colorful Doutone Cams and  Photo blog, but  there’s that big “but” lurking somehow 🙂 It’s like having your comfort zone suddenly ripped from your sight or your best friend turning her back on you. I am exaggerating here but I guess, it would probably take a long time for me to change the misty look of this blog.

I was thinking, what if a have this included in the Networked Blog at Facebook, will I gain more followers? Although this is a public site, I still prefer that friends  find my writings  here instead of having them see every post I make. I still love the “incognito” feel of blogging at WordPress.

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