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Where are they now?

Those long-ago bloggers who used to be so active in commenting then all of a sudden, they are gone. I miss their blog posts. From time to time, I see their comments in my old blog entries and when I click their site links, either the blog has become a private one or they have stopped posting altogether.

When does one stop blogging? I’ve been in the blogging world for ten years now and it did not even come to mind to stop sharing here. As I’ve always said before,  blogging has somehow become a way of life. You get to know people from all walks of life, you meet friends and it seems the geography becomes just a few minutes of visits and updates.  The places they visit become your world for a while too. You get to laugh and smile about their adventures and empathize with them in their misfortunes.

Of course, it is always  nice to meet new bloggers and old ones whose blogs you have just discovered. It is nice to get updates in places you have never been to but you see them vividly in pictures. It is always nice to share your thoughts and somewhere, somehow, someone is glad to hear from you.

Content still counts though. There is nothing like a good content that attracts fellow bloggers and writers to read your blog. Blogging is like going to school focusing on specific subjects one day at a time. I write, you read. You interact, I reply. And when we are happy with the interaction, we form a friendship. We look forward to the next post  sometimes with bated breath. What is in store for me today?

A blog entry isn’t just a long text, it is an opportunity to meet people, a chance to meet friends.


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One thing good about visiting Alden at the hospital  was that I was able to meet long lost relatives, friends from childhood and some friends of my brother. I was amazed by the number of concerned people who visited him at the hospital every day.

Husbands and wives of nieces and nephews were there too and it was the first time I met them. Come to think of it,  they have their own families now with kids either in grade school or in high school. Is that how long I haven’t been there? It’s just that when we go home, it’s either an overnight or two or three days stay only. No opportunity to visit and bond with them. I have this cousin who is turning seventy soon and she has lots of medications for her heart and her blood pressure. I spent lunch with her family and we had a good chat about life in the province. She is very close to my brother and my sis-in-law. She asked me to visit often. Mom is here with me so I can’t readily pack up and go. I have to arrange for her stay at my brother’s house if I want to go home again.

There was this other doctor at the hospital who sometimes do the morning rounds. Alden said the first time he visited, he was “masungit” (snobbish and haughty). When he visited Alden when I was there, I introduced myself as a grade school classmate of his wife who is also a doctor now. Since then, the smiles appeared and he listened to us.  What having some friends can do for a person to change his attitude towards you.

I met this guy while waiting for the doctor at Medical City last Tuesday. He is a third year Philosophy student, a seminarian from San Carlos Seminary. He hails from Cainta too and he was there to have a check-up for his cough and colds. They do visits and give communions to patients at San Lazaro Hospital, a place where they treat infectious diseases.  I advised him to wear a thick face mask when they do the rounds.

People from all walks of life, people who  somehow influence one’s attitude towards others, people who are friendly enough to strike a conversation with you – these are those who make life more meaningful.


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It started with their liking our Catholic page on Facebook back in 2010.  The following year, we had our first gathering, our first time to see each other personally. It was a lovely affair exchanging thoughts and ideas, participating  in group games and eating lunch together.  There were other events that we attended together and most of the time, they come to the house to visit me.

The smiles would always be there, the “kuwentuhans” would always  be hilarious affairs. The laughter is a given thing when we are together.


Their favorite activity is picking kalamansi (Philippine lime) from the two trees we have at the garden. Yesterday, they got more than a kilo of kalamansi. Reymon made a glass of freshly squeezed kalamansi juice.


Next week would be Apol’s 48th birthday so we celebrated it early by having that small Chocolate Rainbow cake and Mango Dark Chocolate ice cream from Red Ribbon.  She’s the one in the orange  t-shirt.

Though it was only the four of us, we had a blast. Apol is presently undergoing treatment for lupus. I admire the way she handles everything, still jolly and happy despite it all. Lupus is a chronic, complex and prevalent autoimmune  disease that attacks healthy tissues of the body. It is a progressive  disease.

What makes friendship? How does it bloom? It’s that being yourself with people who have similar ideals and beliefs  like you. It’s having those moments of laughter and tears and yet you don’t judge each other.  It’s celebrating those little triumphs and successes in life, being there for each other in times of trials.  As they say, it’s looking together in the same direction.

Reymon calls me Mommy, Lilet is easy with calling me tita  while Apol who is twelve years younger than I am calls me ate. Being together, enjoying those precious moments, celebrating the beauty of friendship. What more could I ask for?


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