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Ah, sometimes I can’t help but post my own views with what is happening in our country at the moment. Of course you are probably aware on what happened last May 13 during election day here. Not one opposition candidate for senators made it to the top twelve considering that they are more experienced than some of those who won on the government’s side. There was a seven-hour glitch in transmitting the results. It is not yet resolved until now and our Commision on Elections is so quiet. Sad story.

But let’s look at the outcome of the local elections last May. Most of those who won belong to the opposition. It speaks for how the people voted. Maybe it’s true that the senatorial election was rigged from the very start.

Three people that stand out and whom I  really admire are our very own Mayor Atty. Kit Nieto, Isko Moreno and Vico Sotto. This is Mayor Kit’s third and last term as mayor of our town. Mayor Isko Moreno of  Manila  defeated the former president and mayor Joseph Estrada. He is doing really well, on his 5th day, there is a big improvement in the city. He wants to preserve our heritage sites which are mostly located in his turf. He will not allow those high-rise, photo-bomber buildings to be constructed near those lovely heritage sites.  Third is a bagito former councilor from Pasig City who defeated a more than two decades of only one name in the city, relatives, brothers, father etc. He is Vico Sotto, a son of a former television actress, television host and producer. He is only thirty years old but his vision is so very different from other local mayors in other cities and towns. He is a great admirer of the late Jessie Robredo, who was the husband of our present Vice-President  Leni Robredo. I watched his inaugural speech. He is so good.  On his first day, he has suspended the odd-even scheme of the former mayor where you can’t even pass through major streets to reach other towns and cities in the metropolis. In his speech at the flag raising ceremony last Sunday, he said that this scheme needs further study.

Would you believe, I am following the three of them in social media.  In one of my visits to Vico’s site, I saw this photo with our own Mayor Nieto. I stole it 🙂 The former visited the latter some months ago.

Mayor Vico is the one in a black jacket while the one in white t-shirt is Mayor Kit.

Mayor Isko of Manila

Admirable people. I hope they would stay true to their sworn statements and plans for their own cities and municipality.


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Since last week, Saturdays and Sundays are noisy in our place. Those jingles by the local candidates are so irritating. They are more of noise than anything else. Yesterday, a group of supporters of these candidates paraded inside the subdivision. This morning, it was another batch and another party. They even stopped at the corner, a few meters from our house.

A while ago, Senator JV Ejercito passed by with lots of cars behind. He waved, I didn’t wave back. I am not voting for the guy. Based on what I see on social media, the candidates of Otso Diretso (which I am voting for in the Senate) are doing the rounds, personally meeting those in wet markets and other places where they are scheduled  to visit. Sen. JV belongs to another party which is spearheaded by Duterte’s daughter who is the present mayor in Davao City. The campaign jingle was so loud enough to wake a sleeping giant…haha! Even Oreo who was inside the house kept barking.

It’s just more than a month before  mid-term election. We’ll see how it goes. The administration candidates think they are all sure winners. Many Filipinos are now awake and know what is happening in our country. If it would be a clean and honest one, I am pretty sure they won’t win.

It’s our incumbent mayor’s third term this coming election. His former  vice-mayor belongs to the other party now and is also a candidate for the mayoralty. Almost every one here in our neighbourhood are re-electing Mayor Atty. Kit Nieto. He is the best and made Cainta number one town in the whole Philippines the last three years. A very approachable guy. In more than two decades that we’ve stayed in this place,  it’s the only time that I met a local official face to face. We even had a photo together at his office in one of my birthdays years ago. Our neighbors and I came to visit him to ask him for advice regarding our subdivision’s problems.

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That was a nice meeting with Mayor Kit at our village basketball court together with other homeowners of the subdivision. We tackled the present problems of the subdivision. We were able to voice out our opinions in the process.

As in the previous times that I’ve met him, he is so down to earth and really listens. His sense of humor is such that we were laughing all throughout the meeting. He has more projects for Cainta especially  for the flood-prone areas of our town which will start next year. It is his third term this coming election. I doubt if anyone else would win over the guy. He has done so much for our town. For the past three years we were the number one town in the whole Philippines. Ours is not yet a city but it is rich, infrastructures and other projects are always being done to improve it.

You can count in your hands politicians who are honest and do their jobs well, Our mayor is one. Hats off to you sir.

I brought Oreo so he could exercise too and he got lots of admirers….haha 🙂

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Just when I thought of watching television after a long time, there goes our non-existent channels. I wonder what happened to our cable connection. Only about five or six local channels are there. I used to watch Asian Food Channel when I am free but now the message says, you have to subscribe first before watching. What happened to CNN, Fox TV and BBC? They don’t appear.

Attended the early morning mass.  The retablo is presently being renovated in time for the Canonical  Coronation of Our Lady of  Light come December 1. The  center aisle was replaced with new tiles too. So nice to see these major renovations to our Parish.  Our Lady of Light is the patron saint of the town.  Four years ago, under the leadership of our present mayor  Nieto,  the SumBingTik Festival was first celebrated.  It is an annual cultural festival held on December 1. The term “sumbingtik” is  a portmanteau of bibingka, suman  and latik,  the town’s native delicacies.

Proud of our Mayor and proud to live in this place. Lately, it has received these awards.

CAINTA sweeps  all categories in the 2018 PMAP awards night held at the Asean Convention Center.. Grand Slam Winner for the Public Sector.

Employer of the Year – Municipality of Cainta

People Program of the Year – May Laban ang Mahirap… Cainta Municipal Hospital

People Manager of the Year – Atty. Mayor Kit Nieto.

Cainta will represent Luzon in all categories for the public sector after winning the regional competition. PMAP is the People Management Association of the Philippines.

The local government here in our place is definitely something to be proud of.


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With Atty. Kit Nieto , Mayor of Cainta, Rizal

With Atty. Kit Nieto , Mayor of Cainta, Rizal

I admired him from day one, rather from the day he introduced  himself and laid his agenda if he wins in our town.  He did with overwhelming support. Yesterday was the third time I met Mayor Kit Nieto but it was yesterday that I personally witnessed how he deals with his constituents – no fanfare, no fuss, just immediate actions on the problems at hand. We are so lucky to have someone who looks after the welfare of all the people of Cainta, be it personal problems, garbage collections in our area, improvements on the entire town, and such other important concerns that his constituents have.

It was my birthday and he gamely posed with me in a photo-op at his office when some of  my neighbors and I visited him yesterday. I told him in jest that if he becomes President someday, I would have this photo enlarged and framed.  He laughed.

Hats off to you Mayor Kit. We are so blessed  to have you around 🙂

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I really admire how the people in all areas of the Philippines are doing their share of fund-raising to help the flood victims in  Eastern Visayas, Palawan and Mindoro. Special thanks go to the nations which sent their financial support and personnel (medical teams) to help the people of the Philippines.

Last Sunday, our town mayor initiated a fund-raising drive to help the flood victims and the wholehearted support from Cainta residents is so touching. We’ve been there and we know how it feels to be victims of a calamity. Typhoon Ondoy did that to us but the destruction it caused can never compare  to the devastation brought by typhoon Yolanda.This morning, Josef and I went to the municipal hall to give a little cash and a box of used clothing that my daughter left behind when she got married two years ago. So proud to be living in a place where our local government is sensitive to the needs of the people. Hats off to you Mayor Atty.Kit Nieto.


IMG_5345Love the clean and new look of our municipal hall.

We have reached the end of the 26 letters of the alphabet and now another tropical depression has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). Gosh, and it will be taking the same path as typhoon Yolanda. I am really praying this would not make a landfall.

And didn’t I say that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way? It can inspire, it can lift people up. When you give, give without counting the cost and give freely from the heart. Give cheerfully because the simple act of kindness gives back a wonderful feeling inside.

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