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Just came from The Last Supper Mass celebrated at St. Jude Parish a few hours ago. Josef and I were supposed to do our traditional Visita Iglesia this morning but we ended up staying home because of the disaster with our garden pond. He was cleaning the car and I was busy preparing breakfast when he shouted  “patay na sila.” I didn’t know what he was talking about and I thought there was an accident somewhere. He was in real panic, abandoned  what he was doing and ran to our small pond. It’s good he saw the water that flooded our carabao grass. The hose connected to the pump was dislodged and pointed itself to the garden. Gosh, all our fourteen Koi fish were somewhat  in distress because there was no water left in the pond except the small amount in the  catch basin located where the  pump used to be. They were all grouped together with their mouths open gasping for breath.  And I was praying “Please let them  live Lord” while we were both  busy with the hose and using  a small pail to put water back so they could swim again. It took him a while to transfer the Koi, clean the pond and have it refilled with water. By the time we were through, the whole morning is gone. Thank God, they are now happily swimming again.

Thinking about it, I just can’t help but reflect on how life sometimes seems so out of focus, that we are dependent on other people to get on with it.  What happened was full of “what ifs” in my mind? What if my son didn’t see the water that drenched our garden? Then we wouldn’t even notice that the Koi need immediate attention.  What if we have already left the house when it happened? What if they died?  We have  them for so long now that they are a part of our daily lives and it would really pains me to see them die.

I had the opportunity to watch Archbishop Tagle in Via Lucis (Way of the Light) . They had the pilgrimage at the Holy Land and I was so inspired by the sharing and the Bible reflections  and the places they went to. It was like I was also there personally with them sharing the weight of the cross on their shoulders.  I was also able to watch A Road  Less Traveled which was produced by Fr. Jerry Orbos. We may not always find ourselves in paved highways, the road may be rough and the terrain rugged but it is the road less traveled that offers a beautiful vista of what life is all about. We become stronger in faith while walking with Jesus in unknown paths that lead to our salvation and happiness. Problems are really no bigger than our lives. We learn to let go and to move  on despite the pain. Life’s meaning comes in small doses, it’s not given to us on a silver platter.

It’s a blessed Maundy Thursday after all!


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