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Last Sunday, a friend who came over for lunch brought a bagful of green and golden ripe carabao mangoes. We could not consume it in three days so I decided to make some smoothie drinks by simply adding a small can of evaporated milk, a few spoons of sugar and crushed iced. There you go, a sweet and refreshing glass of pure mango.

Most people say that the Philippines has the best sweet and delicious mangoes in the world and I agree. Summer is the best time that you’ll enjoy this fruit. I am planning to make a mango jam out of the remaining ripe ones. You might not believe this but I love green mangoes more. I enjoy eating them fresh, sliced with the skin on and just sprinkled with a pinch of salt. Heaven!

I also baked chewy oatmeal raisin cookies using yellow raisin instead of the dark ones. Yellow raisins have more natural taste, not too sweet and not too dry.  Preparing  something in the kitchen need not be that elaborate. It’s Holy Week  and I suggested to my son that we do away with meat for the whole week and eat sea food and veggies instead.

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Tuesday!


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When you see mangoes in season, you’d think  summer is finally here. And some of the sweetest mangoes are grown in our native province in Pangasinan.  My brother brought a whole crate (kaing) of it when they came over last Saturday to celebrate Mom’s birthday with us.




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When you think of summer, what does it reminds you of? Ripe mangoes, right? They are sold everywhere now, some at street corners and through ambulant vendors that shout out their wares in the neighborhood every morning.  One could get three ripe, sweet and juicy mangoes at the price of P60.00 pesos a kilo. And one perfect dessert to prepare without laboring in the oven is the Mango Refrigerator cake.  Have a bite!

It’s so easy to prepare this, just slice three ripe mangoes and boil them for about 10 minutes in  one cup of sugar and 2 cups of water.  Layer crushed Graham crackers in a small Pyrex dish, cover it with whipped Nestle Cream then spread the slices of mangoes on top. Repeat the process until you fill in the dish,  cover it with cling wrap, refrigerate until the mixture becomes firm to the touch (about 6 hours but overnight would be better) slice and serve.


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