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It’s been a while. A week of not writing my thoughts seems like a month of empty imaginings. I got so used to blogging everyday that a few day’s lapse loosely translate to not knowing what to share here.

Gosh, yesterday was a scorcher. Metro Manila is really, really hot. Imagine registering a 35.4°C, the hottest in Metro Manila so far this summer. I went out though and spent my morning at MetroEast Mall. I need to have some documents photocopied and our printer is out of ink , a perfect excuse to go out and visit Booksale despite the heat. I decided to have some pictures of our baby Nate printed. I have hundreds of photos since he was born and he does not even have a framed photograph. At least Picture City still charges a reasonable fee for photo enlargement, although cropping the picture is not much to my liking. One of their staff explained that it is kind of different when you’re using a  printed copy, you can’t edit it in their computer the way you want so you have to be content with raw shots directly from the flash memory card.


It has now a pride of place atop one of our side tables in the living area. I have to source an 8 x 10″ inch frame for his picture. I smiled like crazy when some of the salesladies at Robinson’s exclaimed, “what a good-looking baby”. And I answered, “he is my grandson”. Fancy a proud Nonna in their midst. His other pictures are also my wallpaper displays on my two cellphones.

A bookworm can’t miss out on checking new titles at Booksale. Every time I get the chance to visit, I enjoy looking at the titles and find  one within my budget. Although they sell second-hand books, they’re still a  bit pricey. If you’re lucky though, you can find nice titles below P50.00. I have a growing stash of summer reads, light novels from some favorite authors that I collect. Of course, between these are my inspirational books that give me a lift when I am hungry for lovely words  – they inspire, they make you love life all the more, they make you long to write too. Didn’t we, at some moments in our busy life,  dream of writing our own stories?


The Hot Zone was a nice find. It’s a true story about terrifying virus found in monkeys. Just looking at the picture on the book cover reminds me of another book I’ve read so long ago written by Robin Cook. Outbreak  was made into a movie and it’s about Ebola virus. Of course, Maeve Binchy is the Maeve Binchy and her books are nice family sagas of redemption, love, struggles and relationships.  I am collecting books by Anita Shreve and finding another one although it’s just a paperback copy made me smile.  Yeay to An Amish Christmas,  a handy hardbound copy that I also found yesterday at P95.00. It contains four Christmas stories. Fancy reading a book about Christmas when it is only the start of summer. I love Christmas stories that really tickle the heart.


I was looking for a nice essence for this lovely tea light candle holder but found them too strong for my liking. I love a clean scent, not too overpowering but would give that sense of peace and tranquility in a room. Can you suggest some?

And to cap it all, a close friend sent me a picture of a portable hard drive which she bought for me and she said, it’s for all the pictures of Nate I’ll be taking in the future and as back-up for my blogs. You see, she is an honorary grandma of Nate. How lucky can one get?

portable hard drive

I am truly blessed and it was a perfect ordinary day 🙂

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Just have to visit the mall after attending the 9am mass today.  Hubby wants a new pair of maong pants, daughter needs to buy a bigger luggage for her trip to Thailand, son  is attending his regular workout at the gym all at the same place, Robinson’s Galleria, so I really have no choice but to go with them.  Although I don’t have 101 reasons to tag along, I was elated that I could visit Bestsellers again.

First stop was at the shoe section.  My daughter wanted to buy a pair of  walking shoes which she could use on her trip.  I saw this handsome and very-nice looking pair of Tone-ups,  you know, that kind of ” you-exactly-fit-my-feet-so-I-have-to-take-you-home”  way of thinking. 

I really didn’t plan to buy one since I have several slip-on sandals which I previously bought at Rusty Lopez  in three different colors.  But this one is so irresistible , size 5 is exactly my size, and the color is simply divine.

Tone up while you walk.  Get in shape without setting foot in a gym. Who could ignore these tag lines?  Since going to the gym is not an option for me (I still have that DJ stent insert, you see) so this one is.  A perfect excuse to buy a very expensive pair,  I could buy  three pairs of  Havaianas sandals for its price alone.  My daughter tried the sleek fit Shape-ups and she could not let it go.  Then she told me that she has been waiting for them to go on sale for quite a long time now to no avail of course.

Well,  it’s time to splurge on  walking shoes and a pair of  sandals for a change.  Inside the box is a CD which would teach you on how to maximize its use.  Shape-ups are designed to…..

1.  Promote weight loss

2.  Strengthen the back

3.  Firm calf and buttock muscles

4.  Improve posture

5.   Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

6.  Relieve muscle tension and fatigue

7.  Tone and firm thigh muscles

8.  Increase cardiovascular health

So we  blew away P7,300.00 on shoes alone.  Why not?  We were both grinning like crazy when we transferred to another section to buy a luggage.

By the way, it’s  Skechers!

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