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This photo is for my friend Elizabeth who is curious about my rosary collection. I took a photo of them early this morning. I forgot to include the other two in my bags which I use when I go to mass.

I made the rose quartz rosary for myself and the St. Therese beads made of Hematite crystals. The two wooden ones are from my two priest friends, one from Rome and one from Jerusalem. The rose rosary is a gift from a friend, she gifted it to me when we had the grotto blessed nine years ago. The orange rose rosary is from Siena, another friend gave it to me. The two white pearls are from the Vatican, one was given by Fr. Lovell. The bracelet and ring rosaries were given by another friend who lives in Rome.  Lately a nun friend gave me another rosary from Jerusalem.

Before Nissa got married eight years ago, the three of us including Josef made rosaries as gifts for friends then Nissa made lots using Swarovski crystals as souvenirs for her secondary sponsors during her wedding. She even made the cord using different beads, she is so good at it. When one of her friends got married, she made a crystal jade cord for her and a matching necklace made of the same material. When her in-laws had their 50th wedding anniversary, she also made one.

Josef is fond of making bigger beads sometimes using wood, those you could display as accent on your bedroom wall.  Those were the days when the three of us were into crafting. We still have lots of materials left here but I got lazy to do more. I always get distracted finding new books to read. One of these days, I’ll make some to give to visiting friends.


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Nate was here yesterday and we had the whole day playing together and laughing out loud.  Being crazy with Nate was  a priceless bonding together.  Today is Father’s Day.  Greetings to all my thoughtful  and loving  daddy friends here on WordPress.

We’re back to making bead works and rosaries. Josef bought additional materials last week. There was a time when my days were consumed by rosary making. I give the rosaries to friends who come over for a visit.  I like working on Swarovski crystals, Hematite beads and fake pearls.  I’d like to try something using Tiger’s Eye. Love the shade of golden-yellow and deep red.  Tiger’s Eye is a very protective stone.

I  collect rosaries too, mostly gift from friends from abroad. I have Rose rosaries from Italy and Siena, rosaries from the Vatican and   one from Israel. Some are locally made.  I found a lovely bracelet which Nissa made when she was still with us a few years ago.  It would be nice to pair it with my rosary bracelet which comes with me everywhere I go. It is nice to be able to pray the rosary while waiting, in traffic and in a doctor’s office.

Do you like working on beads? Are you fond of it?


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People could hurt you with words, just as much as they could with their actions. Remember about my blog on keeping promises and saying yes when you mean no? It was my son’s birthday yesterday so I deliberately didn’t blog just so I could prepare something for the three of us, minus hubby who is still in the province tending the farm.  I was simply disappointed that he could not go home although he promised that he’ll be here to celebrate with us. We do understand why he could not come home, well, it’s just that we were not complete as a family. You know why I’m big on celebrations like this, because he was away from us for so long while working abroad and he missed most of the special occasions in the family.

This morning, I had left-over pizza for breakfast,  left-over pasta for lunch and probably more left-over pancit canton for dinner.  It’s been a tradition in our family that every birthday that we have,  we prepare something that we could all share, unless there is time for us to go to a good restaurant and try some  recipes that we don’t normally cook at home.  It was quite impossible though to go out yesterday since the kids both had work to attend to.

We started selling the fashion accessories and some of the rosaries that my daughter and I made the past few days. I am getting excited about this project because we do get orders now although they still come in trickles but it’s a start.  The dining table has become our workplace at night and one could not measure the sense of camaraderie and bonding moments while we are experimenting on what colors to make and to combine. It’s a thrill in itself  to watch the beads slowly become a pair of earring or a nice bracelet or a colorful rosary. Making fashion accessories is indeed a very rewarding hobby, though you experience back aches from time to time and hands stiff from cutting wires and eyes too tired to see prints on the computer screen. Reading has again taken a back-seat for a while.

Would love to post some pictures here one of these days.

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I got carried away making rosaries the whole afternoon. Just tried using chain links on the hematite beads. You have to bend each connector and it’s  quite hard on the fingers.  Anyway, I am really, really glad that I am mastering the art of doing this. It is quite engrossing to experiment on bead works too. I am learning a lot from my daughter who has made several designs of bracelets and ID chains.  Doing crafts is also therapeutic just like writing.  Time flies and you are not even aware of it.  If one is serious in making fashion accessories, there are lots of instructional materials which you can download from the internet. It’s quite a challenge though when you make your own designs out of several colored beads that you have. Color combination counts too.

It’s quite fulfilling to see a work of art (no matter how simple) slowly unfolds before your eyes. How creative can one get? I’ve tried several crafts before including candle making(burning my fingers in the process) and cross-stitching (ah, this is one hobby I really like but my eyes could no longer see the small designs even with eyeglasses on). Cross-stitching is a very precise exercise, one wrong slot, one wrong cross  and your design would be distorted.  Three years ago, my daughter and I made these cute cellphone cases and gave them as gifts to our friends. I had great fun choosing threads and buttons.  Most of our materials got flooded though so all we have left were the pretty buttons and crochet hooks in different sizes.

This is one of my earlier works in cross-stitch way back in the nineties. I usually hang it in one corner of our living room every Christmas season until it got flooded too two years ago.  The design got soiled and it’s beyond repair but the wooden frame could still be used.

Crafting is one way of expressing one’s self. Who knows, if I get the hang of doing bead works, we could put up a small home business soon. 🙂

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