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We have free dinner tonight complete with dessert. Nissa sent us via Grab the food she set aside last Sunday during their fiesta. There were embutido, a tub of lechon and a tray of maja blanca. We don ‘t buy lechon during occasions since it is so costly. First time in years that I’ve tasted it again. Yummy👍

I finally had my check-up with my internist this morning and my FBS is not normal yet at 7.29, the normal range is 5.5. My blood pressure though is pretty good. The doctor did not put a date on my next lab, take that to mean a month from now. He said that if ever I have my operation, I should go to a cardiologist for clearance. Cost of medicine is sky-high here. I just bought my meds good for a month.

My left ear feels a little heavy and there’s pain from time to time but tolerable unlike before. I am waiting for Thursday for my next ENT check-up.

It was dad 101st birthday yesterday had he been alive. A friend who had the same birthday as he had wrote me a long message and she told me that she is coughing up blood. They live in Japan.Her eldest son who is alone in Hokkaido has Covid 19. And I say again, health is wealth. I told her to let us pray for each other.


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