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I found this lovely video about Mabini early this morning.  I was born here  and lived at the place until I was eleven.  Mabini is a third class town in  Western Pangasinan famous for its caves.

See the wooden bridge? We had a similar bridge like that when I was in grade school, now we have concrete one going to our place.  The town hall was designed by my architect brother and he also undertook the renovation of the town’s health center.  The mayor, Carlitos Reyes is our cousin.

Thank you traveldotcom for this lovely video. I enjoyed watching it. Haven’t gone home since December 2010.


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My cousin posted this on her FB account, a picture of the bridge going to our barangay in the province. The river is overflowing and so many people in some areas and barangays are trapped in their homes needing immediate rescue.  I talked to my brother early this morning and he said that they could not go down  to the town proper and cross this bridge to buy drinking water since their water supply was also cut-off due to the massive and destructive flood which has not yet subsided until now.  I could no longer contact anyone there. Our barangay is high up the mountain so luckily they are free of flood but they need help with food supply and potable water. It’s a good thing the governor has put up a page asking for list of places in the whole province where rescue is needed.  Our town have so many barangays submerged in water.  It reminds me of typhoon Ondoy, the pain and heartaches of losing lives and properties, the hardship of going back to your home which was full of mud and the price of renovating – replacing  cabinets, repainting walls, cleaning everything and disposing appliances and hundreds of books  and mags which were flooded. We have opted for built-in cabinets which won’t topple down in case of flood or earthquakes.

They need help ASAP.


The bridge is as high as a four-storey  building from the floor of the river so you can just imagine how high the flood water is.

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This is my second time to use the topic of the day, the place where I was born.  As I am proud of it, I decided to make a short blog of our town, Mabini.  It’s definitely rustic, but it has a certain charm all its own.  I spent the first eleven years of my life here and I get to visit the place once every two years.

They call this the Balincaguin River, Balincaguin means bats and our town was previously named Balincaguin until they changed it to Mabini.

Our home is located high up the mountains and this view never fail to enthrall and to fascinate me every time I visit the place.

The river is calm, you can take a morning dip in the cold water and it’s clean.

We call this area “lapog” in our native dialect, a place where you can find several varieties of vegetables, all fresh for the picking.

Several rows of eggplants which the hubby’s family owns.  They  sell the produce at the town market.

Our more than a century old church, Sto. Nino Parish.

There is a story why its name was changed to  Mabini.

This is our new municipal building which was constructed about two years ago. I am proud of it because it was designed  by my brother.

Mabini is a third class town but it is definitely one place to visit. If you are a lover of nature, then Cacupangan Cave is for you. And I am proud to say, I was born here.

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