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I asked my ENT this morning if my low immunity has any bearing with what I am undergoing with my health now. I told her I am a cancer survivor and she nodded. I told her further that common colds usually take a month to heal since I got sick. When you have low immunity, it is easier for you to catch those unwanted bacteria/viruses in your body. Maybe that is also the reason that when I had Covid more than a year ago, my sense of hearing was affected. Among the four of us at home, I was the only one who heard those so noisy rolling drums for days that I had Covid. When I got well, my sense of hearing was affected. I could not hear even the daily masses online quite well until gradually one on one conversation was okay although I still don ‘t understand those songs on YouTube and those group discussion that I wanted to listen to until now.

My ENT told me that it would be hard to use a hearing aid if it is not molded to my ears. I quit practicing on the hearing aid that my youngest brother left for me but I could hear while wearing it. It may take sometime before I could wear hearing aids fit for my ears. Maybe my low immunity contributed to the other ailments I have at the moment.

The effect of that traitor called cancer is long-term.


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