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Finally, after so many days of just reading a chapter or two (I do get sleepy, that’s why), I’ve finished reading Just Rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford, one of my favorite authors when it comes to fiction. And it’s not because the book is boring, and it’s not like those days when I could finish a  500 page book in two days, nowadays, I easily get tired and watching the Impeachment trial every afternoon takes so much of my time.  Who could forget Barbara Taylor Bradford, the author who gave us A Woman of Substance, the very first book that  I read of her and  which happens to be  her first  book too. Just Rewards is a  saga of the fourth generation Hartes.   I won’t attempt to summarize the book here, suffice to say, I enjoyed it as much as the other books that  were earlier published.

I found another book by Preston & Child entitled Cemetery Dance.I’ve just started on the first chapter. I always love thrillers and judging from my first encounter with these two authors, I am sure I would also enjoy this one. Hopefully, I could finish it in a few days since I have lots of stash lined up. It’s just that,  reading is not much of a priority nowadays.

Time flies much too soon. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and where would you find a place where this is celebrated with much panache except here in Metro Manila? Flower shops always make a killing every Valentine’s day. What’s so special about showing your care and love on this particular day? And before you say I am cynical, don’t get me wrong. Love is supposed to be celebrated everyday of your life. You don’t need to wait for days like this to show that you care.   Know what, I prefer  surprises, those unexpected gestures that melt your heart and you would remember long after the flowers have lost their scents and are relegated to the dust bin. Showing love to others need not be measured by  material gifts that you can afford to give . Smile at strangers you meet on the road, hug  or call a friend, cook something special for the family and just say, they are important in your life.  Pray for someone who is in pain, physically and emotionally, reach out to those who need a listening ear, don’t judge, just listen because every one of us has her own stories to tell.

Love wins, love always wins.


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Love is a friendship set to music.  – E. Joseph Cossman

The frenzy of the last two weeks is finally over. Of course, there are still so many things to do but at least we could relax now without worrying about undelivered invites, seating arrangement at the wedding venue and such small details that would make Nissa’s  big day a success.  Apart from a few texts and a phone call,  I haven’t heard from the newly wed for the last two days.  They went to Cebu and are now in Bohol, a place she’s raving about. We always say that a woman is loveliest on her wedding day and she is happiest on her honeymoon. I am happy for both of them.

I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures but it will probably take a little longer for the official photographers  to deliver them.  We are just copying some tagged posts by friends who attended the wedding.  A lot of my friends who  now  have their own grand kids are telling me that it’s a great feeling to have your own  “apos” to pamper and to play with.  Of course, hubby and I are looking forward to that but we can wait until they are ready to have kids. It takes lots of adjustments and learning when you are a newly married couple. But learning together and loving it is always a part of the thrill of adjusting to married life. Along the way, one learns more of each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies, and the lovable traits that you have admired before but are magnified  because you will always try to show how much you love and value each other.  It’s the guy who loves to spend the night with you admiring the beauty of the moon and counting the stars instead of  watching the late night news who is I think more romantic and worthy of spending precious time with. And it’s the beauty of staying in love and growing old together that is worth admirable in a couple. Not all of us experience the kind of “kilig” moments that they describe in romance books but we can build our own  as each day passes and as the years go by.  The beautiful memories linger long after your kids have families of their own.

We must admit of course that in some cases, when problems set in, love comes flying out of the window. The verbal attacks are more frequent than the hugs and smiles. Nothing is perfect, we all know that and  the success of one’s married life really depends on so many factors that sometimes we overlook because we are of the thought that we are secure in each other’s love. We should not be complacent and should always make an effort to let our spouses feel that they are important to us. Love may diminish  over the years and we ask ourselves, “where has the love gone?”

I’ve told Nissa and Obet to put God in the center of their married life. The journey may not be as smooth as one expects but the uphill climb becomes a joy when you scale the mountains together.


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