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Nissa told me that I’ve been through so much before and I am still here. Standing still used to be my favorite words for they connote being brave, not afraid of challenges, relying on a benevolent God to see me through all the problems and adversities in life. Standing still and facing life with all its angst and curve balls it throws my way.

In our main bedroom, we have this floor to ceiling cabinet and the sliding doors are made of mirror. It makes the room appear larger. Before I was so conscious of looking into it but over the years, it is as if it is another wall in the bedroom. Lately though I looked thorougly and what did I see? It was an image of a somehow harassed and afraid woman with white hair at the front of her head, some wrinkles finally appearing on her face and an image of a growing old woman who at 66 is finding life with so much challenge.

I ‘d like to think I could face all these challenges but sometimes I worry about what will happen. Yes, this is another test probably that I have to pass with flying colors. Endurance, faith, courage.

It’s January 15th,the Feast Day of our Señor Sto. Niño, we celebrate it every third Sunday of January as approved by the Holy See. It’s fiesta in Obet’s place and our town in Pangasinan.

Viva Pit Señor Sto. Niño. Ipanalangin mo kami.


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