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Life is never felt more alive as when it is staring at you in the face of death

and you gather your thoughts wishing  you’d be given one more day, one more life to live

and when nothing is left but the dying embers

you gather your memories and wish they could stay forever in your thoughts.


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What are those unseen shadows
Gnawing at me like tentacles?

Grief –
Shock, anger, pain?
Or am I just denying myself
and believing you are still around?

“Who is this girl?”, you asked
Struggling vainly to remember my name
But the years are slowly showing through
I didn’t mind really,
That you can’t remember me
But I was silently crying inside.

I watched your gnarled hands counting the threads
Repeatedly, on and on and I asked myself
“What could she be thinking?”
Are you trying to remember too?
The days and years gone?

Little did we know that morning that God
Was going to call you home
Caught unprepared, but we thought we were
When you went, we didn’t want to let  you go.
Part of us went with you.

I didn’t know
That a month ago would be
The last time I’ll  see you smile
We promised to come back this summer
And take you to Anawangin
To see the sunrise!

You left us with warm memories
Something we will treasure for always!
The link may be broken
But it would be whole again
As God calls us one by one
To welcome us back home.

Goodbye Nanay,
Go in peace with God!

(gosh, I want to have a good cry).

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