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The first words I heard from my son when he came home from a week-trip to Boracay were,  “Enjoy talaga,  umitim ba ako Ma?” I laughed and he embraced me and said, “I’ve missed you Ma”. Of course I’ve missed him too.

He said he was sorry he was not able to find sea glass for me. It was just a lovely powder-white  sand all throughout. That’s okay though because based on his accounts, he enjoyed his one-week stay there and that what really counts. He didn’t take pictures but took videos of the activities they did there. Aside from swimming and exploring the place,  he enjoyed parasailing, one of the many things they did with his friends. When I saw the video, it was really, really beautiful.  Imagine yourself high up in the air with just the blue ocean underneath.  One thing that he would like to experience again if he ever has the chance to come back was the helmet diving. It was his first time to dive. They  were briefed on how to equalize pressure in the ears,  taught  hand signals to the divers and just enjoy the gifts of the sea. They gave a small packet of bread to feed the different species of fish they saw there and he enjoyed that too. The corals are just so lovely. The diving package comes with a CD where you will see yourself  feeding a school of fish and admiring the lovely corals. They tried the ATV ride (buggy cars, one of the many options to go around the island) but it was not much of a challenge compared to helmet diving and parasailing. The place is open 24/7. The whole story-telling itself was just as exciting.



Banana boat ride...

Banana boat ride…

About to experience the best of all....helmet diving!

About to experience the best of all….helmet diving!

So there is a grotto there, an image of Mama Mary..

So there is a grotto there, an image of Mama Mary..

Boracay is one of the many (if not the best) tourist attractions in our country. A lot of tourists, foreign and local visit this place throughout the year. To view some photos of the place, just click this link. It is one of the world’s top beach destinations.

He brought home sweets, lots of key chains for me, for Nissa and for his office mates and t-shirts.

My Boracay loot

It’s more fun in the Philippines.

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A friend of mine who lives in Netherlands just spent a beautiful week in the Drome region of  Provence, France . They went camping in a place she called Menglon and posted and shared lovely pictures of their stay. I just could not resist downloading a few from her albums especially those she took of her lovely daughter Francesca. Come to think of it, I have watched the  girl grow from toddler to a charming little lady via lots of pictures that my friend shared with us. They are a family who simply loves nature and loves exploring the countryside. I told her she could write travel books out of the lovely rural places they have seen and the quaint churches they have visited. Add that to the fact that she loves to explore castles. What a lovely way to relax and enjoy what nature brings.  She actually gave me permission to copy any shot that I fancy.  I also love photography and I normally take macro shots of every flower that blooms in our garden.

Hello Francesca! What A lovely smile.

I love the play of light and shadows here, what a nice capture!

All set for a wonderful adventure…

I love a rural setting like this.

Oh, oh, I kind of miss those childhood days….

Lovely macro shot as usual!

I call this a typical “Malou shot”.

Do you know that Lantana flowers attract butterflies? So if you want more of these in your garden, plant a Lantana.

This is my favorite shot – a beautiful blend of nature and a child who loves it.

Love the colors incorporated in one shot. Great composition!

La Chapelle En Vercors

THANKS MALOU  for sharing these lovely shots…

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