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I posted these three questions at our AFCC Tambayan group: Do you give in to impulses? Do you act on intuition? What is your take on fidelity?

Just  watched another episode on KrisTv  early this morning and she had Lucy Torres (my favorite), Anne Curtis, Vicky Belo and the director of the much-talked about movie No Other Woman. It was a lively discussion on fidelity  and being true, loyal and honest to the person you are in relationship with.  And I am reminded of the things that people do on impulse in the name of love, so to speak.  A news report a few days ago said that a jealous wife shot her husband and his paramour when she caught them together inside a mall. Crazy, isn’t it but sometimes when we act irrationally, that’s what happens.

Impulse is defined as “the influence of a particular feeling or mental state or a sudden , involuntary inclination prompting to action.  It is also a instinctual urge  and a compelling drive towards something that induces motion.” Loosely defined, it’s that act by which there is no particular thought involved, never weighing things before acting on them. And an impulse, to most of us, usually connotes something destructive but not all impulses are like that, right? I must admit I am quite impulsive when it comes to buying things that I don’t readily need. I am quite impulsive when I visit bookstores and  buy books right there and then. I am quite impulsive when sometimes, hubby and I decide to eat in a place where extra budget is required. The reward of course is a big smile on your face once you realized that you’ve done something that made you happy.   Sometimes, in a fit of anger, you do things that you regret later, you utter words that hurt other people – you act on impulse, that’s what.

Is it true that women are more intuitive than men? It’s pure intuition to know something without prior knowledge or reason. It’s an immediate insight, and there is an immediate apprehension by sense.  I remember Anne saying that when there is something wrong in a relationship, you get to know and feel it even before it stares at you right in the face. Right, even sometimes a meaningless text (to your husband) makes you a little apprehensive, where is this going to. I was laughing out loud when Lucy shared that she actually forwarded a text to  the girl texting Richard and pretended that it was his new number. How clever….hahaha! You can imagine the rest, next text would be right to Lucy’s cellphone.

Ah fidelity, my artist friend at our Tambayan page said that he is loyal and he loves his wife (that’s written in big, bold letters) and that giving in to temptation is not his kind of thing. Loyalty is one thing we do expect from our friends, children and especially from our husband/wife.  Once trust is broken, it would really be difficult to bring it back.

I made this unconsciously long  again. They are just plain observations on impulse, fidelity and intuition. So I go back to my earlier questions.

Do you give in to impulses?

Do you act on intuition?

What’s your take on fidelity?


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He is known as Echo to local showbiz aficionados. He is Jericho Rosales in real life.

Why am I even blogging about this guy when I seldom watch movies? Neither do I get excited watching soap operas on TV. Honestly, I can get by without television and everything in it. The only things I do watch time and again are news reports and special episodes.  There is no regular program that I follow. I’d rather listen to the radio, and yes, you heard it right, AM radio for news everyday than watch TV. Anyway, since KrisTV started, I learned to watch the clock so I won’t miss an episode. It’s a lifestyle talk show anchored by no less than Kris Aquino, Pres. PNoy’s youngest sister. I kind of like the show’s open format ranging from affordable fashion and beauty tips to cooking, family, love relationship, business, parenting and health and fitness. It’s a complete saga of everyday events that gives you an hour of pleasure. I regret though that I was not able to watch  most of the previous episodes.

Today, Kris had Jericho Rosales as her lone guest and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I guess it is the birthday celebration of Echo.  I’ve known the guy since Pangako sa Iyo days, a soap which made him the Jericho Rosales of today. Back then, he was paired with the equally lovable and talented actress Kristine Hermosa.  Who is Jericho Rosales? What makes him different from the showbiz guys that we have now? He is definitely smart, can sing, compose songs and most of all, he is a good actor. I added him as one of those personalities that I follow on Twitter. I was happy to find this site  which I think is his personal webpage.

The guy just turned 32 last September 22 and he said that he has worked  since he was 16 years old, half his lifetime actually.  He is really lucky to have been given the chance to shine through acting.   Go Echo, you’re the best. and I am excited to explore your page.

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Early this morning, I thought of  “Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” as the title for this blog. But that is not very original, don’t you think? I don’t want John Gray to sue me copying book titles for my blog. What brought this on, you ask?

I was watching another episode of  Kris Tv this morning (one of those times that I didn’t forget to switch on the TV) and their topic deals on differences about what else, men and women, boys and girls who form a relationship. What makes them tick?  An hour would not really be enough to tell and discuss the differences between a boy and a girl when it comes to relationships. Kris has the Us Girls Iya Villania, Angel Aquino and Cheska Garcia-Kramer as her guests, with Jimmy Bondoc and Kean Cipriano on the other side of the fence. Keano said he is apparently single (whatever that means) and Jimmy said he has a semi-serious relationship with a businesswoman. In Facebook, that reads, the relationship is quite, quite “complicated”.  The girls are into long-term relationship except for one who has just broken up with her guy this year.

Women could talk about accessories like shoes, bags, and dresses the whole day but men would rather focus on sports, watch Discovery Channel, and some DIY jobs that need to be done at home. When it comes to arguments, women always love to have the upper hand (in Tagalog, ayaw patalo) and the last say. With men, they discuss their problems with their buddies, say, high school friends instead of an outright confrontation  with the women in their lives. I guess, this is all subjective, not all men can downright share what’s bugging them with their buddies since they have this feeling of being called weak when they can’t face their problems  on their own.  Jimmy says, however, that you won’t even attempt to hide anything when you are with your true friends.  I agree to a certain extent but there are things that should be left alone with the couple to decide,(assuming that they are married) there are things that should and may remain private in the four walls of their homes. 

When is the right time to break up?  Should it always be the girl who should initiate it? In any relationship, when you feel that you are not growing as a person, when you feel that there is no more “me” inside you,  will it be time to say goodbye? This may be easier in a getting to know you stage or what they call the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. In marriage though, the ballgame is altogether different. You can’t just walk out on your husband or wife just because you had an argument, you can’t just walk out from your family just because you are no longer happy on where the relationship is going. In any break-up you realize too late what you’ve lost.

We have these posts and comments at our AFCC Tambayan group. Some of our members are single men and women in their early thirties. Some of them are looking for serious relationships. Everyone is playing cupid and matchmaker and one of them started calling me Ninang Arlene with Fr. Louie as their Ninong and officiating priest, if ever.  We had some good laughs about it all.   All is fair in love so they say, what’s stopping you guys? We might witness the first ever love team in our group one of these days.

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