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I have a new journal, an additional gift from Nissa which was published by the Bank of the Philippine Islands where she works.  It features the paintings of our very own  Juan Luna.  He was a Filipino painter, sculptor and an activist of the Philippine Revolution during the 19th century. He was one of the first to be recognized as a Filipino artist. His most notable work  among so many was  the Spolarium which he did in 1884.

There are more than a dozen paintings featured in the journal which belong to the painting collections of several Filipino painters and artists by the bank.

Seated Lady in White  Oil on wood. 46.2 x 37.8 cm.


Grand Canal, Venice Oil on canvas 40.7 x 85.8 cm



Village Scene, Normandy Oil on wood 31.9 x 46.3 cm

This is the third feature of Filipino artists owned by BPI. I love the texture of the journal, It’s thick and I have started writing some quotes about the books I am reading this 2018 and the list of books I am going to read this year too. It is a nice addition to my still untouched journals that I have collected over the years. Most of them are gifts from friends, some are personalized ones. I wonder if I’ll be able to fill them up in the next days and years.  I  am excited to fill this up though, a beautiful collection, a lovely gift.


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♫♪♫Sunday, sweet Sunday, with nothing to do,
Lazy and lovely, my one day with you…♪♫♪

It’s Sunday again. Time and the days really seem to fly. As usual, we went to  attend mass early at around 6am. It is always nice to wake up with the dawn and listen to the silence once a while.  I am having a LSS, humming those tunes all in my head.   I wonder why.

Have you ever kept a journal? I’ve been into keeping a journal   since my college days. I still have several blank journals that I’ve kept through the years. The first one I had is now tattered with the spine almost loose from the pages.  Nissa and some of my close friends know my penchant for keeping one so they give me those pretty  notebooks and colorful journals. Let me see, I think I still have more than a dozen unfilled ones  from small notebooks to really thick pages. Sometimes, they are just too lovely to write doodles on.  Lately though, I got hooked more on reading than writing but now and then I open my thick journal to update it.  The journal entries are a smorgasbord of quotes, dreams, wishes, recipes and what have you.  They’re more like unrestrained thoughts most of the time, nothing really that serious but sometimes they border  on  how life is all about, a cathartic release  about angst in life.

my journal entry, page….?

For the past several days, I’ve been blogging about one subject dear to me – blogging.  Have you ever thought that blogging is a free-form  diary of some sort, only it is made available in cyberspace?  We share ourselves through a blog  but we gain friends in the process. A journal is more private. It is bringing your thoughts in the open but most entries are for your eyes alone.

How’s your Sunday?

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