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Great! The lovely story is slowly unfolding. And I am still talking about Dahil Sa Pag-ibig on its fifth episode. Finally, the main characters Piolo Pascual and Cristine Reyes are now introduced into the picture as grown-ups Jasmin and Alfred.  I have a friend who says she’s so “kilig” watching it.  I really must be hooked too, blogging about it again.

So how do you ease the pain of an unrequited first love? How do you move on when you know that deep in your heart, someone matters a lot?  Can you  let go that easily?  It makes me remember the teenage years, the times when  you cried yourself to sleep because you were hurting. But you grow up eventually, all the hurts and the pain become  part of the growing-up years. And the experience makes you strong.  You reminisce and smile a little because you remember and you can relate 🙂


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These teleseryes sure have their way of keeping you awake at night. I’ve always said time and again that I am not much into watching television. Lately though,  I have to wait for my son to leave for work late at night  so apart from waiting for him to wake up at 10pm, I  either read, update my blog or simply  get a glimpse of what  keeps mom busy.  She is so fond of watching teleseryes. I tried watching one or two a few months ago but I must admit, I only get to see one or two episodes and that’s it for me. And since she keeps me company watching the Impeachment trial from Monday to Thursday, I have to return the favor staying by her side to watch just that…teleseryes. 

Simply put, a teleserye  means television series that you have to watch everyday on primetime .  There goes my evening awaiting the next episode of Dahil Sa Pag-ibig. It’s been aired for only three nights yet the beautiful story is just beginning to unfold.  I love how the storyline  revolves around the religious aspects – faith, redemption, love, family and greediness coupled with revenge. A high-end drama typical of some Filipino households, the girl marrying a poor man and the latter ridiculed and insulted by the girl’s rich father. I wouldn’t know where this would go in the next few days it’ll be aired but one thing I like is the powerhouse cast of  Piolo  Pascual (the best  actor I think when it comes to drama), Jericho Rosales (a favorite, I have blogged about him a couple of times), Cristina Reyes, Christopher de Leon, Ronaldo Valdez, Sandy Andolong, Tetchie Agbayani, Rafael Rosell, Denise Laurel, Freddie Webb, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, Melissa Mendez, Malou Crisologo among others.

I was wondering who portrayed the child Alfred, a wonderful look-alike of Piolo Pascual and the child could act, same with the young Jasmin. I just wish they were given a longer exposure because both of them were so good. Last night, the teenagers Jasmin and Alfred were already introduced into the episode.

Filipinos love drama, certainly an escape from the many problems that beset not only the country as a whole but those encountered by families as well. And this penchant for teleseryes is one sure way of being entertained.  Forget about the stressing Impeachment trial (I still do watch it anyway) and let’s see where Dahil sa Pag-ibig takes us in the next few days or months for that matter.

By the way, the title loosely translated means “because of love”.

(the pictures uploaded here in this blog are not mine, they were just culled from the net)

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He is known as Echo to local showbiz aficionados. He is Jericho Rosales in real life.

Why am I even blogging about this guy when I seldom watch movies? Neither do I get excited watching soap operas on TV. Honestly, I can get by without television and everything in it. The only things I do watch time and again are news reports and special episodes.  There is no regular program that I follow. I’d rather listen to the radio, and yes, you heard it right, AM radio for news everyday than watch TV. Anyway, since KrisTV started, I learned to watch the clock so I won’t miss an episode. It’s a lifestyle talk show anchored by no less than Kris Aquino, Pres. PNoy’s youngest sister. I kind of like the show’s open format ranging from affordable fashion and beauty tips to cooking, family, love relationship, business, parenting and health and fitness. It’s a complete saga of everyday events that gives you an hour of pleasure. I regret though that I was not able to watch  most of the previous episodes.

Today, Kris had Jericho Rosales as her lone guest and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I guess it is the birthday celebration of Echo.  I’ve known the guy since Pangako sa Iyo days, a soap which made him the Jericho Rosales of today. Back then, he was paired with the equally lovable and talented actress Kristine Hermosa.  Who is Jericho Rosales? What makes him different from the showbiz guys that we have now? He is definitely smart, can sing, compose songs and most of all, he is a good actor. I added him as one of those personalities that I follow on Twitter. I was happy to find this site  which I think is his personal webpage.

The guy just turned 32 last September 22 and he said that he has worked  since he was 16 years old, half his lifetime actually.  He is really lucky to have been given the chance to shine through acting.   Go Echo, you’re the best. and I am excited to explore your page.

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