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I posted these three questions at our AFCC Tambayan group: Do you give in to impulses? Do you act on intuition? What is your take on fidelity?

Just  watched another episode on KrisTv  early this morning and she had Lucy Torres (my favorite), Anne Curtis, Vicky Belo and the director of the much-talked about movie No Other Woman. It was a lively discussion on fidelity  and being true, loyal and honest to the person you are in relationship with.  And I am reminded of the things that people do on impulse in the name of love, so to speak.  A news report a few days ago said that a jealous wife shot her husband and his paramour when she caught them together inside a mall. Crazy, isn’t it but sometimes when we act irrationally, that’s what happens.

Impulse is defined as “the influence of a particular feeling or mental state or a sudden , involuntary inclination prompting to action.  It is also a instinctual urge  and a compelling drive towards something that induces motion.” Loosely defined, it’s that act by which there is no particular thought involved, never weighing things before acting on them. And an impulse, to most of us, usually connotes something destructive but not all impulses are like that, right? I must admit I am quite impulsive when it comes to buying things that I don’t readily need. I am quite impulsive when I visit bookstores and  buy books right there and then. I am quite impulsive when sometimes, hubby and I decide to eat in a place where extra budget is required. The reward of course is a big smile on your face once you realized that you’ve done something that made you happy.   Sometimes, in a fit of anger, you do things that you regret later, you utter words that hurt other people – you act on impulse, that’s what.

Is it true that women are more intuitive than men? It’s pure intuition to know something without prior knowledge or reason. It’s an immediate insight, and there is an immediate apprehension by sense.  I remember Anne saying that when there is something wrong in a relationship, you get to know and feel it even before it stares at you right in the face. Right, even sometimes a meaningless text (to your husband) makes you a little apprehensive, where is this going to. I was laughing out loud when Lucy shared that she actually forwarded a text to  the girl texting Richard and pretended that it was his new number. How clever….hahaha! You can imagine the rest, next text would be right to Lucy’s cellphone.

Ah fidelity, my artist friend at our Tambayan page said that he is loyal and he loves his wife (that’s written in big, bold letters) and that giving in to temptation is not his kind of thing. Loyalty is one thing we do expect from our friends, children and especially from our husband/wife.  Once trust is broken, it would really be difficult to bring it back.

I made this unconsciously long  again. They are just plain observations on impulse, fidelity and intuition. So I go back to my earlier questions.

Do you give in to impulses?

Do you act on intuition?

What’s your take on fidelity?


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