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I  told you earlier, I have more time to blog this morning and read blogs too.

A friend once said, “You’re not getting old”. I just laughed and told  her everyone gets old every day. Maybe it is not just manifested in the looks you share with the world. Or she might have meant, my face still looks young for my age but beyond the face, my bones are getting brittle. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis even before I had my first major surgical operation, hysterectomy back in the year 2000. Then I underwent sigmoid surgery in July 2009, kidney bypass a year after. But that’s jumping the gun, we are talking about age, right?

Sometimes I feel all of the 62 years of my life. I try not to catch a cold since when I do, it takes a long time to heal. Sometimes it  is unfortunate that your doctor discover something else while you are being treated with another ailment. That happened to me when I had kidney bypass due to an acute UTI. MY urologist discovered that I had kidney stones too but they were not the invasive kind. I was on treatment for over a year and a regular urinalysis since then.

My finger is finally on its way to being healed. The swelling is gone but it is a little still painful. Maybe in a few days, I could go back to gardening again.

My pastime now is passive. You get it right….reading! I don’t go out as much as I used too except when going to the market twice a month, doing groceries every week and attending mass every Sunday. Dull existence you said? But that is all in the mind, right?

I get some visits from friends once in a while and regula regular (there goes this letter “r” again) visits from Nissa’s family, going out at least once a month for lunch or dinner. But I’m happy. Oreo is a nice companion. He is so appreciative of all the attention he gets from us. Sometimes, he sleeps at the foot of the bed but every night he would guard our front  door waiting for the arrival of the car and at the sound of our garage gate  being opened. He keeps jumping until you pick him up to meet Josef.  He  knows when he is not included in a trip or when  they visit Jovy’s grandmother in another place.

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