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Two weeks ago, I took  pictures of  my Hoya flowers still in buds. They are blooming now. I just want to share with you my favorite flowers when I was a child. Back in our ancestral home in the province, my aunt and mom used to have this hanging in every window. Just like my gardenia that evokes memories of childhood, I always look forward to these Hoya flowers every year.







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PAGASA says  summer starts next week. I wonder why it’s been raining the past two days. This morning, it is cloudy. If this is the kind of summer we have, I can only imagine how it is when the actual rainy season sets in.  One advantage though is, I don’t have to water the plants except those which are in the shade. It’s actually a perfect opportunity to visit and take a few shots.whats in a garden1

And I thought this orange Bougainvillea died on me a few years ago until it showed its face with these lovely blooms. Now I have two colors of Bougainvillea.   These two green varieties of  prayer plants belong to the arrowroot family. I have three  species in my garden, all producing those lovely ornamental leaves.

what's in a garden

This is one of my Hoya vines.  They  are planted in hanging pots with this rounded wire in each basket. I was surprised to find at least six clusters all ready to bloom into lovely pink beautiful flowers.  This is how they would  look when they are in full bloom and the flowers last for quite a while.

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And when you thought it was a gloomy morning, this came as a lovely surprise! And it was enough to make your day complete.

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I told you, I am mad about documenting every bloom in my garden and this lovely hoya only shows its face once a year.  Hoya vines are also called wax plants because of their waxy and velvety blooms which look artificial.  I always look forward to seeing a hoya bloom in my garden every year.  I could not stop smiling while taking  a few shots of it.

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