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It ‘s First Friday of Lent.

A friend who is based in Canada is now active exchanging news with me through Messenger. She lost her husband a few months ago and had a knee operation earlier than that. Grace is another friend for fifty years. Back in college, we used to write each other almost every day using date due slips of the UST Main Library, Humanities Section. She is like an older sister to me. Instead of going out to enjoy ourselves, we’re both regular visitors of hospitals for medical appointments. She said, these are the signs of getting old. She’s older by three years.

Early this morning I went to the Medical City clinic to have some lab tests then I’ll go back on Tuesday to get the results and consult with my internist. Not a month passes that I don’t get to visit the clinic. Two days after my ENT told me to go back for check-up after a month, my ear began to ache, it was tolerable but uncomfortable. For three days I had my ear drops but I stopped this morning. Hopefully, it won’t hurt again until my next check-up with her.

It’s a holiday here today, a rapid declaration supposedly to celebration People Power 1986 when the Marcos family fled to Hawaii carrying so much cash and jewelry with them. I told you before about the three private ITs who were concerned about the “unusual” result of the May 2022 election where it was obviously rigged. After submitting the mandamus to the Supreme Court, the SC finally ordered the Commission On Election to explain it. The People Revolution in 1986 is celebrated every 25th of February where the organizers now in different sectors will be joining the street protests at EDSA tomorrow. The government might have thought that a three-day off work might result to the people to ignore Saturday’s event and go somewhere else instead. Nervous? Haha, they just gave time for the people to prepare for tomorrow.

Marcos, Jr. is trying to cleanse their names from history but we Filipinos who are still alive now are witnesses to what happened before. My goodness, I think with those junkets abroad, he is trying to bring respect from the other countries and to help the Philippine economy through investments. Is anyone biting? He is the most travelled president during his eight months in office. And not only that, he brings with him his family and gargantuan members of his cabinet including close friends. Around the world in eight months. And they are using the people’s hard-earned tax money. Wala silang kahihiyan.

Praying for tomorrow’s event. I hope people would finally wake up from their blind obedience to the one in power.


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