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Happy GrandparentS’ Day to all the lovely and lovable grandparents out there.

I am aware that  it is celebrated  every year especially in the United States where it originated but I don’t even know the exact date when it is celebrated until I had a video chat with Nate this afternoon. He called me up just to greet me a “Happy Grandparents’ Day”. I asked him what he was doing and he showed me the screen of his tab. He was playing  Minecraft. I’ve been asking myself several times if it is safe for a seven-year-old but Nissa allayed my fears that she has researched it first before letting Nate play it online.

Let’s go back to this grandparents’ day thing. A lot of people here are not aware of it. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day celebration are more popular. It started when Pres. Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day the celebration of National Grandparents’ Day. It is a celebration to honor grandparents and also to recognize their  important contributions to history.  Other countries followed suit but celebrate it on different dates. The Philippines started its celebration on the second Sunday of September back in 1987. Maybe it’s because most entertainment venues and malls have limited time to operate because of this pandemic that is why the celebration is so quiet today.

For every grandparent who still celebrates it, let me greet you too. HAPPY GRANDPARENTS’ DAY.




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