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DAPITAN ARCADE. If there is one thing that makes me smile  every time hubby and I have the opportunity to visit the area, it’s Dapitan Arcade. The other day, I finished my lab early so I asked hubby to drive off to Dapitan, a few minutes away from the Diagnostic Center where I have my regular lab tests.  It is located at Kanlaon cor. Dapitan St. in Quezon City.  This is not the first time that we came here  and it is always a delight to see new items at the several stalls occupying the place.  If you are price-conscious but still yearning for good quality home decors, this place is for you.

It’s not Christmas season so we have the place to ourselves. As we were a little early, some stalls were still closed.  The lovely fruit trays cost around P600-P650.00 and you can haggle a bit.  I was looking for those rattan boxes. Last time we came here, I was able to buy one, varnished at that for P80.00. It was  big enough for my journals, a catch-all box that looked so pretty.

These serving plates  come in different colors and sizes.They have salad bowls, pie plates, cake servers and lovely bowls that you could use in the kitchen.

I bought some of these lovely balls and used them as table decor. The smallest ones, I got for 3 for P100.00. The medium-sized balls which also come in different colors and design  are P50.00 apiece and the larger ones are at P100.00 each.


These vases are  just as lovely and they cost probably 50% cheaper than shopping-mall prices. I was looking for garden accessories but they only have garden pots in all sizes.

Dapitan Arcade serves as a depot for export over-runs. You can find wood carvings, rattan, capiz, ceramics, jewelry boxes in all sizes and all arts and crafts that you can think of. I love their abaca fiber which they sell by the yard and twines and ribbons.  If you are looking for quality gift-items at  bargain prices, this place is for you.


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