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I miss reading Barbara Gonzales-Ventura’s articles in Philippine Star, a national daily so I searched online. She’s still at it, writing in her mid-seventies if I am not mistaken. I was surprised that she is into making rosaries now. How nice that she sells them, and she has many orders.

The three of us, Nissa, Josef and I used to make rosaries a decade ago when Nissa was planning to get married. We bought several beads in Quiapo and the other materials that goes with making a rosary. In fact, Nissa made her own wedding cord when she got married, made one for her in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary and some more as wedding gifts to her friends. Josef made the big ones for display and decor also for his friends. I made more than a dozen which I gave as gifts for friends who visited the house before. Hematite beads, faked pearls, tiger’s eye, Swarovski crystals which are a little more expensive, you name it, we have them all. I gifted Nissa with a jade rosary I made when she tied the knot with Obet. She’s more into fashionable bracelets now.

I collect rosaries too, mostly gifts from friends coming home from abroad. Fr. Lovell gifted me with a Vatican rosary and another one from Jerusalem. A friend from Netherlands sent me a rosary when her family visited Siena. Some friends gave ring rosaries and Josef gave me a rosary bracelet from Manaoag which I use when I go out. Fr. Louie gave me one too the first time we met at Sto. Domingo Church. I love the rose rosaries, I have two of them.

We still have some materials left. I made one for myself out of rose quartz. Photo below.

The center medal is an engraved photo of St. John Paul II. I have it blessed by a priest friend from Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross.

Rosary-making is such a nice hobby but I prefer reading nowadays😘


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Howdy guys!

I received three more key rings yesterday from my niece based in Bahrain. She bought them when she took her vacation in Jordan, Israel and  France.O h my, I now have  more than 200 key rings not counting those I am presently using.  Got a white mug too from the Abuel reunion held last February 11 in our province.


There was this coin purse with a Notre Dame commemorative coin inside it which my niece attached to the package. So glad to have those lovely key rings from those places she went to last year and the other prior to that.

My collection began when I was still working at Bank of the Philippine Islands several years ago. One of my office mates gifted me with a gold-plated key ring in the shape of a T-shirt and marked No. 1. Since  then several were added to the loot once my  close friends learned of my penchant for collecting. I have  several now except in other countries in Europe where  I only have a few. It is nice to see them lined up sometimes when I clean them. Aside from the key rings, I also used to collect stationeries of different sizes but now that I am no longer active writing by long hand, I stopped buying. I still have some though in different colors and designs too.

It’s a good thing e-books have become the in-thing nowadays. My book shelves are overflowing.Double shelving is now a must for me. I tend to collect several books by the same authors once I like what their writing style. I have some signed copies of books sent by my friends from the US.  Except for those Michael Vey series, I almost have all copies of RPE books on hand. I also value my hardbound copy of On Writing by  Stephen King. It’s that kind of book where you’ll learn a lot of writing tools. I thought at first it was his autobiography but it was more on how he started writing.

How about you, what are your hobbies?




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I think I am getting addicted looming my way to this supposed to be for kids of eight and up.  I have given away around four earlier works to my niece and to a friend. But wait, after a week of surfing the net for instructional videos, I am now in the intermediate stage…hahaha! I am just frustrated that there are no available colors that I like  where my son buys our supplies.

Yeay, making one is really a stress buster....

Yeay, making one is really a stress buster….

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Got my first Ferrari F430 Spider almost four years ago.  I wish……had I known that Shell sells them for a minimum gas purchase of P1,000.00, I would have collected the other Ferrari Models. It would be a good addition to my key chain collections. It is silver-plated, with gleaming wheels and with a Ferrari authentication number that it is an official licensed product. Wow….

Sorry, I was just dreaming…it is only a key chain…! And it is a prized possession in my key chain collections!

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