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You will never really know how strong you are until you encounter pain and vicissitudes in life.  Experiences teach us how to be strong amidst trials and tribulations.

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Go gently with life, savour each moment that passes, because tomorrow it will just be a memory.

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I am reviving my Heartland Series. They are those one liner posts that I used to write some nine and eight years ago. I tell you it’s fun when you have those thoughts playing inside your head and you wanted a voice to bring them up.

Here’s number 8.

Our God is a God of second chances.

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We ask God for strength at the lowest ebb in our lives but sometimes we never realize that it is precisely the reason why He allows us to experience something life-changing to make us stronger in faith and love.

Never waver in your faith. when you think you are drowning, it’s at that instance that the tide will turn and will lift you up.

Earlier on, I used to write these  one-liner series which I call Heartland. It’s been a while, I am reviving it today but I won’t confine them to just one line. Besides, I want to share these reflections which I regularly post at the Apostles Filipino Catholic Community’s wall.

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