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It doesn’t cost a cent smiling at someone you meet on the street or anywhere else. It is something that causes a chain reaction. It might be the beginning of a lovely conversation and exchange of thoughts with someone. Years ago, I blogged about this same topic but I could not remember now what year I wrote it. Usually it happens when you are waiting at the clinic for your doctor. Sometimes I ask myself why it is so easy to share with people you barely know about your health and medical problems and they do the same. I often talk too with supermarket cashiers or their helpers roaming around the place. Is it because of the anonymity of it, that you wouldn’t likely meet again in the future?

Early this morning, I was walking at the park square when I noticed this old man walking alongside me. I said ‘good morning’ and he replied ‘magandang umaga’. That started my day.

Think about this, people say you burn more calories when you smile than when you frown.


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