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Wrote this blog back in 2011. Around that time, there were no options of likes and comments. It’s a gloomy Sunday but I am happy because Advent season is here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. New Year in the Catholic calendar begins each year with the season of Advent.

It’s the Holy Season of Advent and we’re now celebrating the first Sunday. Every year, we look forward to the coming  of Jesus and pray those beautiful prayers of longing and waiting and sing those beautiful songs of hope and promise.

The Advent season is full of God’s blessings for all of us. He makes  us realize and remember to look back at the whole year that is about to end and to look forward to a new and hopeful  year that is about to begin.  Are we ready to take Him into our hearts? Are we ready to accept Him in our lives?  True, we always say time is gold and we should not waste it but we also need to take stock of what is more important, a quiet contemplation, a moment of silence, a minute of giving thanks.  Let this be a season of joy for all of us, awaiting a most precious event of the season – a baby born in swaddling cloths to save  mankind.


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Dear Lord, for all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, amen!

It’s the last few hours of 2019  and we will be welcoming another year in our midst. We may look at the fading leaves of 2019 as something we will always remember or something we may want to forget. No matter how it has been for all of us, it has taught us lessons in life. We may choose to ignore them  and start all over again.

I could now hear the occasional boom and bang of firecrackers.  Though there are only allowed firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices, some people are bold enough to use those classified as illegal. Every year, there is an increase of patients being brought to nearby hospitals because of firecracker accidents.  Our dog Noki is scared of fireworks. He cowers in fear when  they light the sky and noise is too loud. Josef gave him a bath last night so he could stay under the dining table  before new year comes. He usually stays at our garage or at the dirty kitchen, a guard dog.  This is Oreo’s second year with us and I am quite surprised that he is not afraid of the noise, he just barks.

All is set for 2020. Forget the New Year’s resolutions. Several years ago, I used to make a list but come February, they are usually ignored. I haven’t made any resolution  the past several years.  All I ask first and foremost is good health for the whole family, peace of mind, enlivened Faith, and being able to face everything that life brings – with courage. Happiness comes naturally when you have all these.

Let’s walk through 2020 with optimism, smiles on our faces  and hope for better and blessed days ahead.  See you all next year.


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One day, six hours  (Manila time)

May it be a happy, blessed, healthy and fruitful 2020 for all of us. Let us not forget the good memories of the past, live the present with joy, smiles, contentment, and laughter and look forward to the future.

Blessings to my family, friends and relatives and to all my online friends at WordPress.

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In the three years that I’ve been blogging at WordPress, I have always posted month-ender blogs and year-end assessments of what transpired throughout the year. Have I been lazy? Have I been negligent? No to both questions of course.  I was just overwhelmed by the flow of events that I clearly forgot to make an honest to goodness blog out of it. Next thing I knew 2012 is gone and here comes 2013.

The beginning of 2012 , January particularly is something I like to forget, if one could do so with so much pain associated with it. Let’s just say, it’s all buried now and I don’t want to be affected by it. Overall though, 2012 was a good year for us – my kids and I.  Lovell was ordained into priesthood last November 07, 2012 and it was a lovely gift from God – the gift of priesthood. I was also able to witness his first Thanksgiving Mass held in UST  last November 25, 2012. Dreams fulfilled, prayers answered  and several years of perseverance coming into fruition. It seems that November would always be a special month for us from now on because my first grandchild was born on November 22, 2012. Although he stayed at the hospital for three weeks due to sepsis, I thank God for the miracle of life. He is the greatest binding force to us now. Babies always give us that indescribable joy that could never be quantified. I am happy for my daughter who embraced motherhood with so much anticipation and joy. The gift of motherhood is another lovely gift that God willingly gives  to all lovely mothers in this world.  The year 2012 ended with our baby Nate’s christening last December 29, 2012 at Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish.  I used to post pictures of the recap of the year but since I now have my blog about Nate, I guess it would be a little redundant to do it.

2012 was also a year of meeting new friends and having them come over for short gatherings at home. I will always be grateful for my AFCC (Apostles Filipino Catholic  Community) apostolate. Being inspired and inspiring others  in one’s own little way is such a great feeling. And meeting new friends is part of it.  My prayers for 2013  would always be good health for the whole family and friends and  peace of mind. He knows what we need so I’ll just say, Thank You Lord for all these blessings.

I  subscribed to this lovely site called Meet Me In the Meadow, an inspirational blog that I read regularly. I was particularly touched by this  post by Roy Lessin so I am sharing it here. I am sure he would not mind because he is touching souls with his reflections. I have the same wish too for all of you.


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I sincerely wish you all  A BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY 2012! And I like to share this Christmas Prayer written by Fra Giovanni 1n 1513. Since I’ve read it in one of the articles of Fr. Joseph Galdon, a Jesuit priest who was  the author of the book Jubilee, I have always been moved by the simple message of hope for every one of us.  My book is gone  and Fr. Galdon died last year but the essence  of this lovely prayer remains. It is not just for Christmas but a timeless message  that today seems more relevant than ever.


I am your friend and my love for you goes very deep.  There is nothing really that I can give you this Christmas that you do not already have.  But there is much, very much that you can discover for yourself this Christmas, even if I am not the one to give it to you.  So I pray that you will find peace, which is in the hidden places around us today. The gloom of our world is really only a shadow.  Beyond that gloom, yet still within our reach, is happiness. I pray that you will discover happiness in your heart this year.  There is light and glory in the darkness around us, if we only could see it.  To see the light in the darkness we only have to look. I pray that you will look for the light this Christmas.  Life is actually a very generous giver, but because we judge the gifts by their covering, we cast them away as ugly, or heavy, or hard.  Remove the covering from the gifts of life and you will find beneath it a living splendor that is woven of love.  Life is full of meaning and purpose. It is full of beauty beneath the covering. I pray that this Christmas you will discover that earth is only a cloak for heaven.  This Christmas, I send you greetings. They are not exactly the kind of greetings that the world sends.  But I send them to you with great love and with a prayer that, for you and for all those you love, this Christmas and forever, the dawn will break and the shadows of night will flee away.

May your 2012 be a year of pleasant journeys, a year of peace and  a time to discover new beginnings, a time to realize new dreams. HAPPY, HAPPY 2012.

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