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CT Scan

Good morning all!

This would be my first time to undergo CT Scan and I am quite scared. Josef called the Medical City hospital two days ago and the radiology personell said there is no need for scheduling. I hope it’s true, we’ll see later. He has to take a half-day leave to accompany me to the hospital since sometimes I don’t understand conversations because of my hearing problem. Last night my ear was so itchy I wanted to scratch it.

In the past years, I underwent two major operations, kidney bypass, several ultrasounds, countless laboratory tests, chemotherapy, endoscopy, colonoscopy and visits to several specialist doctors, my cardiologist, internist, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, opthalmologist and the latest my ENT. God knows I am getting tired of all these but I have to be brave and strong for my kids, my mom and now especially for Nate. If I don’t have enough faith, I could have given up long ago but I know God is walking with me. The journey is a little rocky. But He is always here holding my hand.

May I ask a short prayer from all my friends here at WordPress? THANK YOU SO MUCH🙂🙏❤


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(I wrongly posted on my Gardens and Empty Spaces so I am reposting it here)

This morning I went back to the satellite clinic of the Medical City hospital for another FBS laboratory test. It’s been like this for the past month and a half – lab, doctor, another lab, doctor until my blood sugar goes back to normal. Thankfully, my creatine and blood pressure are back to normal. I gained 8 pounds since I started with the regimen of new medications more than a month ago. I was worried when I started losing weight. My doctor friend said that at my age, it was not normal.

I’ll be back to my internist on Tuesday once I get the laboratory result. I hope this time, I’ll be allowed to have my cataract operation. PRAYING🙏🙏🙏.

Waiting for the Medical City to open at 8am especially when you have been fasting for the last eight hours is pretty uncomfortable. One needs to go there early so they could extract blood within the time scope. I usually leave the house at 6am, arrive at SM Ortigas at 6:30am. They open the place at 7am so one has another hour of wait. I pray the rosary while waiting. This morning, I finished the Sorrowful and Joyful mysteries, it lessens the boredom of waiting.

Wow, October is finally here and it’s my birth month. Exciting. Looking forward to October 27🥰❤✌

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It’s just funny and so inferiorating that the crazy old man thought of contract tracing and providing free face masks a year after lockdown. It’s been a year of almost 13,000 deaths, a year of letting the police force take charge of protocols instead of appointing medical people. Here’s a summary of how Covid has affected us a year after lockdown.

This was published the other day. We’re back to square one, we don’t even have vaccines yet except for those donations by WHO and the old man’s best friend china. The people are wary of that vaccine Sinovac. There is a sudden surge the past five days. And they have the nerve to say, they’re excellently handling it.

The other day, I asked all of you if you could include Nissa in your prayers. She is in the hospital now.

His brother-in-law got infected last week so the people in-charge of Covid patients in their place picked him up and brought him to a quarantine facility in Manila. Obet’s father’s sister who is a doctor told them to undergo swab tests including Nate and their househelp. They had it last Sunday. When I woke up last Monday morning, I received a message from Nissa that she is positive of Covid. They decided to have her admitted at the hospital where Dr. Isidro, their aunt is affiliated so she could be well taken cared of and to isolate herself too.

They suspected pneumonia when her x-ray was released. She’s now on antibiotics. She has a little cold but she had no fever, thank God for that. Grab Food delivered fruits and her other needs to the hospital yesterday which Obet hired since he is not allowed to go there. These service deliveries are only allowed up to the gate of the hospital.

You can only feel the impact of this virus when one family member is affected. It is a stressful situation. Obet called me up when he arrived home Monday night. He was crying. One thing that touched me was when he said that he was grateful to the way I brought up Nissa. According to him, she was so strong and so calm. I’ll tell you about Nate next post.

I talk to her and message her every few hours and she is okay. Please continue praying for her. My priest friends included her in their daily masses.


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Today I learned another sad news. Nissa messaged me earlier today that she already went to her doctor with the result of  her biopsy a week ago.  There is an 80% possibility that it is thyroid cancer, stage 1. I told her to seek second opinion and go the to one of the clinics where my brother is having his treatment. I am confident she does not need that costly surgical operation which one of her doctors suggested. They have a clinic near  our place. I contacted one of their doctors this afternoon and he said to just drop by. One thing that I also learned from research is that thyroid cancer is slow-growing and treatable.  Still praying for the best.

My brother has twice visited the clinic of Kaibigan sa Kalusugan in San Fernando, Pampanga and had his latest laboratory tests last Friday, check-up last Monday. Except for  his blood sugar  and uric acid, everything is quite normal. Even his CEA marker is below borderline. I was amazed. He was given additional medication though for his uric acid and sugar and was also advised to have SGOT and SGPT tests for his liver before his next check-up first week of September. His medications and diet are working, thank God. I still call him every day.

Gosh, when you think of what is happening around, you’d be very careful about your health. Until now, ten years after, I still could feel the effect of chemotherapy –  low immune system. I am always afraid to catch cold since it takes too long to heal. Sometimes, skin allergy shows.

I am hopeful though. God is good and God is great.


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