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Oh gosh, I could not open my tab. It just blacked out but it is charging. I have to wait for Josef to do the trick. I couldn’t read e-books since they are all in there. When you are used to reading bigger fonts with light in it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived reading those small prints in a real book. I am learning how ….again.

It’s a good thing I still have my other CP to use for texting and calling. I use the unli call feature of Globe almost every day to call my brother in the province. P20.00 is good for 24 hours of calls without limit. Sometimes, I use messenger to call my cousin and niece. They are always online but I don’t like using my CP to connect to Facebook. I always prefer my reliable PC to connect to Facebook. Since I don’t have a microphone on the speaker attached, I could not use the messenger for calling. Viber is having problems. I am thinking of removing  it then reinstalling it again. It might work.

How have we become so dependent on these gadgets? Our lives have evolved using them almost every day. What if internet hasn’t been in use yet? For some, letter-writing has become somehow obsolete. E-mails are way, way faster to communicate. I still love receiving snail mails though, hand-written letters or greeting cards. I love that feeling that it is better thought of and personally given enough time by the writer.

Do you love snail mail like I do?


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It’s been a while ….again!

I don’t know, maybe it is the effect of the humid weather here. It is hot and I mean it is so hot. It rains  at times in the afternoon but it is never enough to diffuse the heat. Sometimes I have to water the plants twice a day because I pity seeing their leaves wither and all. Good luck to our next  water bill.

I told you in one of my previous blogs that I am catching up on my reading, finding the books I purchased last year mixed with the bestsellers that I collect and along with those books are my e-books  on my micro SD card. Here’s what happened three days ago, I accidentally dropped my phone on a basin of water while doing household chores. Gosh, you could hear my shouts probably up  the third street of our subdivision.  I fished it out and a little amount of water sipped through my lower screen. I told Josef about it and he said that I open it, remove the battery, remove the SIM card and the SD card too. We have to have it dry before checking back if everything is okay. To think that my e-books are all there. My brother assured me though that unlike the SIM, the SD card is safe from damage. I held that thought until my son came home and opened it, had it dried for two days, (luckily, there was little water) then he tried reassembling it yesterday. Alleluia! It worked, all my photos were intact and all the Viber photos of Nate that Nissa sent me. The screen though has blurred to a dull cloudy  gray  but at least all my e-books were there. I could not make a call nor send texts and some of my contacts were deleted from the list.  Josef’s girlfriend who is quite knowledgeable on cellphone settings was able to retrieve them all but my Aldiko e-book  reader was not functioning. Josef tried to uninstall and reinstall it to no avail, it could not read my micro SD card where they are restored.  I have been using the Aldiko Book Reader App on my android phone for almost three years and since it is easy to navigate, I never thought of  installing other applications but last night Josef tried installing the free Moon + Reader and Skoob EPUB Reader on my phone. So far so good but I am not happy with both. I could not find Import so I have to read sometimes direct from the SD card or wait for the book I would like to read to download first.  It’s a good thing I have a reliable and cheap double SIM phone to make calls and send texts. I am still lucky I could do the same with my damaged phone. Oh well, I am thinking of buying a mid-range phone, something affordable but could still function as an e-book reader. Buy a tab, Josef tells me and I jokingly told him, I’ll buy a gift for myself on Mother’s Day.

There are only two occasions in a year that I buy something for myself  (something I like but not necessarily needed) because I think I deserve it (haha), during my birthday and during Mother’s day. Most of the time I buy books or small kitchen gadgets.

Say hello to a new cellphone or tab. Wish me luck  🙂  Did I just say a new cell phone? Oh my, I hope I can afford it.

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