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Happy Pentecost Sunday! Mom and I attended the 9am mass at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish with one of my favorite priests, Fr. Matthew Fernandez of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross as the mass presider. I admire how he shares his homily, tagos sa buto at sa puso, as they say in Tagalog. You remember the words long after and you remember God’s goodness in everything.  When He teases you with little setbacks, He gives back a hundredfold of blessings.  And you learn to appreciate even the little things, you learn to appreciate life with all its sham and drudgery, because amidst all these, life is still full of beauty and loveliness. You just have to open your eyes and make your senses feel.

Yes, it is a colorful morning that I enjoyed because I took shots of some of the lovely blooms in my garden, another affirmation of God’s overflowing love.

My sturdy Ruellia. I have them in three colors now – purple, light pink and pure white. These perennial plants thrive in full sun. Though they don’t belong to the family of Petunias, they are also called Mexican Dwarf Petunia because they resemble Petunia blooms.

Rose Balsam or Garden Balsam belongs to the family of Impatiens. Locally known as Kamantigue, the seeds when dried can be used for teas. It is also used to treat skin afflictions, rheumatism and fractures, among others.

Portulaca or Vietnam Rose are sturdy ground covers that produce rose-like flowers in different colors.

How my garden looks now! That Don Manuel shrub is a beauty on its own with those orange spikes on every tip of the leaves.

Scrub Brush Anthurium or Flamingo flowers. Perhaps you are familiar with the varieties that produce those colorful blooms but this type is cultivated for its lovely, elongated foliage and that’s how the flower looks, just an ordinary green one.

Golden Candles are also known as Golden Shrimp, Yellow Shrimp plant and Lollipop plant.

I love this shot because it faces the sun and the blue sky. My Yellow Iris flower.

So why do I keep forgetting the name of this lovely plant? A friend says the blooms look better than poinsettia.

Can’t wait for this to bloom – my African Rose!

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And I thought it was the phone ringing, I wanted to go back to sleep but the persistent sound woke me up. I almost forgot, hubby and mom have to go home  to the province early today and son will be leaving for Pansol, Laguna for their team building seminar.  Hmm, how nice it is to feel the early morning breeze  on such a lovely day like this. Back to the grind – watering the plants, taking care of the Koi food at the pond, a little cleaning at the yard and preparing  breakfast which consists of cold slices of embutido and  left-over  fried tilapia from last night. So many things to do today before catching the 9am mass at the nearby village. I am not complaining though because Sundays are usually reserved for the family.

We enjoy going to mass together but this time it was just my daughter and me.  Hubby and my son attended an anticipated mass last night. They have finally unveiled the newly renovated altar at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish.It’s so beautiful, the simple decor and the almost life-size statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. John Mary Vianney and our first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz were lined up at the altar. The image of St. Jude was  in a glass-encased  shelf.  Earlier on, I greeted Fr. Alex online,  it’s his birthday today.  I asked him where Fr. Matthew is because I haven’t seen him say mass for quite a very long time at the parish.  Actually, they are guest priests from the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross who help in the Sunday mass celebrations.

I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw Fr. Matthew. Speaking of the angel, the angel appears.  And I thought, this would be another beautiful celebration  of the Holy Eucharist and it was.  He has that gift that makes the parishioners all-ears listening to his homily.  One can always learn a lesson or two from what he shares, simple life anecdotes and adventures that relate to the gospel.

And it feels good sometime to just feel the quiet of the morning.  It’s another lovely Sunday to cherish and to remember.

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