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Have you heard of this gadget? Nissa has one not exactly like in the picture because hers has metal band. It is a digital watch which also shows the number of steps or strides you have taken in one particular day.

When I was at the hospital, Nissa made me wear it every time I go out to visit the university campus or to buy food. The more you move and walk or run, it would register on your fitbit. Accordingly, “Your speed depends on the length of each stride and the rate at which you turn strides over. If you want to go faster, you have to increase either stride length or stride turnover.” 

Such a lovely and smart fitness tracker. It records the number of strides you have made within the day via Bluetooth on your cellphones. Nissa has to make 12,500 strides  a day to earn points which have equivalent gifts  converted monthly.

I enjoyed going up and down the stairs, sometimes not using the elevator to keep track of my strides. Nissa was billeted at the fourth floor so you can imagine the exercise just walking.

Today is Mama Mary’s birthday. I  have always made a short blog of it through the years. It is always a nice surprise that I get lots of views  every September 8.  Attended the early mass at 6am. It was a lovely homily from one of my favorite priests, Fr. Leo Luanzon. We sang the Salve Regina in her honor.

Ad Jesum per Mariam! To Jesus through Mary!


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I was so inspired by the Gospel yesterday and the homily shared by one of my favorite priests, Fr. Leo Luanzon of the Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross so I am sharing my reflections here:

Are you still in doubt?

And ask the proverbial question “why”?

Do you still feel apprehensive

And silently say, “I’m afraid”?

Do you question the “if” and “but” in your life?

Fear no more, God is here.

Even if you don’t say a word

He knows what you think,

Even if you don’t ask

He knows what you need,

Even if you offend Him repeatedly

He still embraces you with open arms.

When your faith is wavering,

He gently taps your shoulder and say,

“No need to worry, I am here”.

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