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They came back. I saw them early this morning hopping on the trellis at the back of the house. It’s been quite a while  since last summer when one of them was brave enough to build a nest at our gardenia plant.  Yellow-vented bulbul, we call them. At times, they come in droves singing their sweet song early in the morning. I tried to capture one with my camera, just more than a foot from where I stood behind the sheered curtains on our window but it probably sensed the movement, it flew greeting the morning sun with a tweet, here and there.

It’s been ten long years since 9/11. And the gospel of today reminds us of forgiveness. How many times do we need to forgive? How many times do we need to make amends with those we’ve done wrong? Sometimes, it’s really hard to forgive sincerely because deep inside we feel and recall the pain.  I wonder how the family left behind by the victims of 9/11 still feel right now? Have they finally taken in their hearts to forgive those monsters who caused them to lose their friends  and loved ones? Only God knows how much and how deep we suffer in life.  Only He knows how we deeply regret that we’ve wronged someone but forgiveness has to begin from our hearts.  When we forgive and we are forgiven, it frees  us from the feeling of guilt and we start to breathe easy.

September 11.  I told my daughter, it didn’t rain after all because if they got married today as they originally planned, the weather was just fine, they could have done those outer shoots right after the wedding. They moved it to November, two months from now, time enough to iron out all the minor details in their preparation and hopefully, rainy season is long way over by then.

By the way, today is Grandparents’ Day, so take time out to greet your loving grandparents. Treasure those moments that you spend with them in  their old age, treasure those priceless days spent laughing with them.Give  them a hug, a kiss and a loving embrace.  You never know how much they need to be told that they are loved.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!


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