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Finally, I’ll have a week rest from doctor visits. My next one would be on January 26. Josef and I might be able to prune the plants and trim the carabao grass. I am doing it little by little. I don’t want to tax myself too much. Good thing I also won’t prepare meals for a day or two. We still have the adobo I cooked two days ago and the embutido rolls sent by Nissa yesterday.

I asked my ENT if I still need to take antibiotics, she said it is not necessary because there was no growth when the ear wax was cultured. I breathed a sigh of relief that she didn’t mention surgery although she emphasized that as long as my blood sugar is high, it would be difficult for my infection to subside.

I checked the meds I purchased from Mercury Drug last Tuesday, they are all sealed in boxes by the thirties except for one which contains 28 tablets and the pharmacist forgot to add two more. I dropped by the pharmacy after my check-up to buy Advil and I showed the receipt of all my meds. No questions asked, she gave the lacking two tablets. It’s what I like when people understand the plight of senior citizens like me. As they say, every centavo counts. Even the guard at The Medical City is always ready to assist the information nurse when my name is called because I could not hear well.

There are more kind people in the universe than those who rudely act as if they are smarter and brighter than you are.


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