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I was thrilled to see my three pots of turmeric sprouting new leaves. The leaves are oblong compared to the narrow green  leaves of ginger.  I read somewhere that turmeric produces lovely flowers too. I can’t wait to see them bloom. Seeing earthworms in the garden reminds me of those days with mom.

During the last days of summer and the onset of the rainy season, I would sometimes go with mom to go fishing in the river. Yes, we use the old-fashioned hook, line and fishing rod made of thin bamboo pole  and  earthworm as baits. Back then, when the ground is soft because of the rain, it is easier to dig large and fat earthworms near our vegetable plot. We would place them on a fine plastic net or a tin can with holes and a small amount of soil on top of the can so they could breathe and would not die.  We would bring boiled banana, sweet potato or rice cakes for snacks and a bottle of water.

Ah, we would normally catch biya, those small fresh-water fish and grill them  in charcoal.  Sauce from fresh green tamarind is the best partner for this and  freshly cooked rice of course.   There were times when crabs would cling to the line. Fishing with mom was such a wonderful memory that I would always cherish.  Those were the days, I think I was in grade school back then.

I remember those head gears which the old folks used to protect themselves from the rain. Believe me, they were even better than your sturdy umbrella. The takoko which is made of  dried palm leaves and woven into a wide umbrella-like  thing was so popular then.  It is not complete without the kalapiaw,  a native raincoat made of the same material, with a cord tied at the neck.  I tried them before but they were always too large for my small frame but believe me, they  were the best things to wear when the rain was hard. They were  so cozy and warm.

I catch myself smiling while  editing this post. Maybe that’s what lovely memories do to you, they become more keenly felt and remembered as you grow older.

I had a similar experience fishing with dad in another blog post which you can find here.


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It was one  of those really rainy, rainy afternoons – with dark cloudy skies to boot accompanied by the roar of thunder and an occasional flash of lightning. Nothing much to do but read. I was scanning the pages of an old  issue of Marie Claire and they have this article that says “What is your fondest childhood memory?”. It really caught my attention. Some said that going abroad at an early age was simply fantastic, an experience they will never forget. Another one loves taking a bath in the rain. Another says she could not just forget her mom singing her to sleep. Every one of us probably has treasured childhood memories and experiences but some of them simply come across as very distinctive compared to others. I was in grade school when I went with dad one time to go fishing. All I knew of catching a fish was through the use of a hook and line. This was what I learned from Mom when I used to tag along when schooldays were over. Digging earthworms to use as bait was one thing that I was such an expert of.

So one morning, I went fishing with Dad. I remember the water was not that clear because it rained the previous afternoon. He had this what you call kitang in our dialect. It’s a long line of several hooks (maybe about 10 or 15 feet) wherein you have to place the bait of wriggling earthworms one by one and then place the  kitang in the flowing river. A cousin went with us so he could hold the other end while dad was busy with the other one. The water was almost up to my neck and one thing I remember was you have to wait for at least thirty minutes to an hour with the kitang submerged in water to catch those biya. I was so excited when several biya got caught in the hooks. It was an experience I would never forget, More than the thought of catching fish, it was the time I spent along with Dad which was so dear to me. It was lots of fun. And it remains ingrained in my memory.

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